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How to Improve Your Flicking Aim?

The urge to be the best at fps games requires practice and improving your first-person shooter fundamental flicking aim.

The flicking aim or flick shots is one of the fundamental fps skills. And when it all comes down to competitive fps gaming, flick shots are a staple. If you have been into fps gaming, you probably have watched videos or instant replays of shots that are too quick to understand.

But how does one get to a perfect flicking aim? Is it easy to master these skills for competitive fps games? There are several fps skills that a player wants to master, but how would a player practice this one skill that is so powerful?

If you are ready to get going, let’s get it!

Flicking Aim: What Is It?

This fps skill is also called flicking aim, aiming to flick, snapping, flick shooting, snap aim, flick shots, and flicking shots.

All the words above refer to methods of some shots in which the gun’s crosshairs begin quite a distance away from your enemy or target. Then, you just straightaway flick your wrist and arm so the crosshairs snap onto the target or enemy as soon as you pull that trigger. And then, what you do is just flick away or get away as fast as possible.


Let us simplify with the help of an example

Imagine that you are looking in a different direction when an enemy shows up just right in the corner of your screen. You have to flick your crosshairs dead center on his face without thinking. A headshot! And you snapped your crosshairs back to their original direction before your enemy had to think of shooting you. This is what a flicking shot is!

Some players have mastered flick shooting, as some can take flick shots by hearing enemy movements or footsteps and have the ability to take their enemies out blindly.

It needs precise wrist movement. Yes, just your wrist! And when you master this, you gain absolute control over your area. It is dominating, precise, and effective! Magical, isn’t it?

Improving Flicking Aim

Long hours of flicking aim practice will not make sense if you do not have the right gear. You need to build a solid foundation for competitive gameplay by getting the appropriate gaming gear. Yes, just like you need fine-tune strings to learn guitar, as untuned strings won’t work, you need the right gear and aim training here to learn flicking shots.

Professionals believe that using a lightweight mouse can help you master the art of taking a flicking shot. You need to be physically capable of taking a flick shot, as it is quite different from tracking aim. Yes, this is such an fps game skill that requires you to move the mouse with all your speed.

A lightweight mouse will help you move your wrist and arm at the maximum speed possible without any such resistance. Also, the size of the mouse is a concern here; choose a mouse that fits perfectly, not too big, not too small.

The chosen mousepad should be smooth at all costs. The primary objective is to make your wrist movements smooth, precise, and quick.

Sensitivity Settings

It’s different from tracking shots, and when you take a flicking shot, you wish to have a low response time.

This flicking shot is a lighting movement, so you want to have a high mouse sensitivity. But, this move is also very precise. You spin quickly and take the shot. It may not be fulfilling if you miss the shot or if it lands somewhere else.

All the speed will not be worth it if you cannot lay it over the foundation of precision aiming. So, the best idea is to avoid the high mouse sensitivity and keep it normal. Yes, pro-gamers use their wrist and arms for maximum speed and sensitivity at normal range.

Tips and Tricks

  • You need to move with your whole arm to improve your aim rather than just your wrist. Using your arms will safeguard you from wrist cramps. Moving your arms gives you a complete 180-degree turn without the need to lift the mouse; you will be able to make smooth curves. You can try this in your art class as well.

Aim Training Activates Muscle Memory


A flick shot is way faster than any of your enemies can even understand. You will need to be faster than your conscious brain to reach this level. This type of shot is like a muscle memory reflex. It should take minimal reaction time, like a thoughtless reflex.

Another alternative is to use aim trainers such as Aim Lab. Aim trainers allow the user to train on particular skills at a time. The more you practice, the more your hand muscles are triggered, building muscle memory.

You should use an aim trainer to practice these shots because when it comes to first-person shooter games, you should know flick shots are performed using single-shot weapons. Automatic weapons will not work for flick shots.

Also, the aim trainer will help you master the click timing, that is, the trigger finger.



Now that you have read this article, you know how difficult it is for you to master. This is what happens when you are into such high-stakes games. It is all about speed, aiming, and accuracy!

When training, you cannot move your mouse slowly; that would disrupt the magic of flick shots. The best way to practice this is to use aim trainers for flicking aim training.

Once you get this move up your sleeve, you will be unstoppable.

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