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Improving your Cold Email Recruiting Strategy: Effective Tips

Cold emails remain one of the most widespread communication means in HR management. Emails are discreet and convenient for both parties. However, practice shows that most cold emails remain unread, making the whole concept of email marketing a lot less effective.

Unfortunately, many companies have no alternatives for cold emailing. Besides, many business owners use emails to find new staff. If you are chained to emails for hiring new people to your business, your ultimate goal is to make your messages more attractive to potential candidates. Below, we collected several tips that can help you improve your email open and response rate.

Subjects lines are very important

Even though the subject line is a small part of any message, its importance can’t be underestimated. It is the first thing a recipient sees and your only chance to make a good first impression. In most cases, senders don’t pay much attention to this part, focusing more on their messages’ contents. This is quite a wrong strategy as properly written subject lines can bring better results. If your subject line doesn’t catch your reader’s attention, most people will not bother reading the actual email. To maximize your email open rates, try to use our tips.

Make compliments to the recipient. There’re tons of well-known phrases that can flatter a potential candidate. Write about a ‘perfect reputation’ or ‘outstanding resume’ that a recipient has. Composing creative email subject lines can be tricky, but their effect on email open rates are very impressive. A compelling email subject line catches any reader’s attention. People looking for a new job will respond to a creative subject because everyone wishes to work for a company that appreciates your working skills.

Look through all profiles of potential staff members and try to find out what they are interested in. Sometimes, even a brief look at a personal profile can bring you a lot of useful information. Try to personalize your subject lines and show people that you are interested in them. Also, make your proposition attractive and catchy. Professional HR companies spend a lot of time creating perfect and intriguing lines that one can’t ignore. Think about the reasons why your business is worth working with and deliver these thoughts to your sendees.

Ways to personalize your emails

Finding out specific information about this or that recipient is not an easy task. It requires finding personal accounts in social networks and studying information about each particular candidate. In most cases, HR companies use specific templates designed to impress most people.

With basic info about a single person, you can create a unique subject line that will undoubtedly catch the reader’s attention. For example, if you see that one comes from the Czech Republic, start your message with lines like ‘Prague is a wonderful city.’ Or you may appeal to some personal events in any person’s life, for example, ‘How did you spend your last weekend?’. Such techniques can draw attention to your emails as they seem more personal and closer to every person’s reality when it comes to ordinary life.

Don’t ignore responses from your recipients

Another important issue is that you must respond to the person you are interested in as fast as possible. Keep monitoring the answers and your whole email correspondence. Quick response to any questions a job candidate may have will create a certain level of trust between you and a person you contact.

Some companies have fantastic staff responsible for answering all emails on time. Your ultimate goal here is to create an impression of live communication via email, which no AI machine can achieve. While it is possible to use an email searching tool for compiling cold email lists and sending out first messages, the moment your recipient sends a reply, you should switch to human interaction.

Advantages of using Signalhire extension

Many HR specialists use modern tools for reaching out to possible candidates. In most cases, those are specific extensions that optimize the process of email recruiting. Signalhire is one of the most effective examples that can help fine-tune your recruiting process.

This extension gives you access to valid personal emails and phone numbers of real people. It gets information from social networks and other platforms to create a list of your business’s most suitable candidates.

The extension is quite simple in use and can be handled even by an inexperienced user. Just visit the Signalhire website and look for a registration form. After that, you will have to enter your full name (first and last), a valid email, and choose a password for your profile.

After you’re done with the registration, look through the list of credit plans. Most of the Signature credit plans vary in terms of prices and subscription periods. On the bright side, this platform offers one of the lowest prices among similar products. Signalhire pricing is very democratic and affordable. Considering the high level of effectiveness, using this extension can turn into a very wise investment.

The final step is to choose what browser you are going to use. Signalhire extension is compatible with Chrome and Firefox, so most recruiters will have no problem using it. This extension is integrated into a browser, and both operate simultaneously. The best part is that you won’t need to navigate between different tabs when using Signalhire extension. A special icon will appear on your desktop, indicating the extension. The professional developers’ team did everything possible to create one of the most convenient and useful ad-ons ever. Using Signalhire extension, you have a great chance to ease the process of email recruiting and get more results than ever.

In general, this extension will change your impression of email recruiting as it makes this procedure more logical and practical. The extension can be installed in a couple of minutes and is compatible with most modern devices. Even people who are not familiar with such extensions won’t face any problems using it. Moreover, its prices are incredibly reasonable, making this extension a perfect option for those interested in quick and convenient email recruiting. If you need more information, find out more on this website.

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