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Latest Trends for Office Design and Architecture

Office designs play a significant role in making the impression of your company or organization better. With new advancements in technology and art, we can see the incorporation of new ideas in offices which enhance the aestheticism of your office layout. This is a changing field that is variable from months to years, and the successful office designs are always the ones that convenient, unique and aesthetic. Following are some of the latest office design trends compiled by office interior design in Melbourne for you to stay up to date.


Combining Traditional and Modern Themes

A combination of the modern aestheticism with the traditional classic taste of offices in terms of setting, furniture and décor brings about the best office designs that you can create. This combination of old and new is one of the hottest trends office design which gives the perfect impression of knowing the latest designs along with keeping the traditional tone in your office.


Green Walls

Green Walls are walls covered with Moss. These are growing in trend day by day and have grown rapidly in terms of its popularity. The green walls create a connection of technology in your office to nature and becomes a depiction of representation of the office being environmentally conscious as well. The moss scale installations cover the entire wall usually, to create a big impression. The moss used for this is usually from mood moss, sheet ad reindeer moss.


Abstract and Geometric Patterns

One of the best modern design trends for offices that keep the sophistication or the office along with the artistic element are the abstract and geometric patterns. These are usually paired with single colored or blank walls to define the pattern and their colors. These ca be hung anywhere in the office, from conference rooms, to hallways, to lobbies etc. These patterns are neat and tidy and have a rich aesthetic element that makes them stand out in any office space.


Color-Blocking Themes

Picking the right themes for your office is very important, you do not want to work with too many bright and bold colors, as it ruins the impression of your company. One of the latest office design trends includes the color blocking themes which are like the idea of the fashion world. Color blocking is to add a hint of any bright or bold color along with very subtle colors such as off white with lime green. Color blocking is usually done by furniture pieces and cushions, and not through the color of walls in offices.


Classic Hand-Crafted and Unique Decoration Pieces

In the era of modern and sophisticated designs which are minimalistic and subtle, adding a little classic edge to your office will make a lasting impression of your organization. Utilizing some handcrafted containers for your office can be a good idea and is one of the rising trends this year. These classic pieces are easy to find from local vendors but create a strong aesthetic impression of your office.


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