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Leased Line Connection: Your most Suitable Workplace Assistant

Many people confuse lease line with the broadband internet that we have at our home places. These two concepts are different when it comes to usage, even though the working principle might be almost the same. A broadband internet that you have at your home has a box that is connected through your local ISP and that internet never gives the exact output as it is being shared by all the different people who are connected to the same ISP. On the other hand, the leased line connections by leased line costs are 100% dedicated line connections for a certain workplace. Since the line users have been given a dedicated line the output speed is always the same as promised. Here are some further differentiating factors between leased lines versus Broadband which will be discussed now.

Benefits for Leased line connections:

  • Multi-site connection

The reason why it suits the workplace is because how it can connect to different work sites by using the leased lines. This enables the companies to share data more efficiently among various departments. This is also sometimes stated as WAN (wide area network).

  • Single line Connection

Since the leased line connections are specifically for that workplace, it has the ability to take up huge number of workers at the same time without having the speed to drop. The connection to the internet is what refers to the single line connection.

  • Increased Bandwidth

Leased lines have amazing bandwidths; they can deliver up to 1000 Mbits/s in most parts of the world. Subsequently, in the rural parts, the leased line connections can give up to a speed of 10Gbits/s.

  • Constant Speed

Since the bandwidth is only for your usage, one can always experience high speed even at the times of peak hours.

  • High Upload Speeds

Another amazing benefit for leased line connections is that the upload speed is equivalent to the download speed, all because the connection is symmetrical. This makes it amazing for use in video conferences, online backup of data and VOIP services. Moreover, you won’t hesitate in sending larger files across different servers.

  • Unlimited Connection

Since work spaces require huge amounts of data, for a Broadband internet, this can be too taxing at times. The leased line connections have unlimited amount of data. No matter how much you download or upload, the data speed would remain the same and you won’t even have to pay anything extra if you use more than a certain amount.

  • Professional Customer Support

The leased line connections are B2B services; hence the customer support is more professional and knows how to cater its customers.

Lastly, for the best quotation for the connection, provides all the services that you are looking for. It would be no less than true that the leased line connection is up till now the best internet or networking connection one can have at a workplace.


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