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Make Instagram Successful Using These Top 7 Video Collage Maker

To create a good quality video collage, you must use a proper app. Native gallery apps can create simple picture collages, but you need something more than that to create a video collage. You can download and install a video collage editor & attract your audience on your Instagram. 

To help you choose the best among all the others, we have compiled a list of the best video collage makers. Take a look at them in the upcoming segment.


  • InVideo 


This is a versatile software that helps you create video collages and comes with 60,000 free templates for all users. You have full access to the app’s graphic design, photos, and full video editor. Add fonts, stickers, and music to your video collage to make them creative. 

Upload pictures from your local gallery or download them from Facebook instantly. InVideo is free to use but has a premium version that offers access to more features. 


  • PhotoGrid 


The first app on the list is PhotoGrid. One of the most versatile photos and video editors in the market, PhotoGrid, comes with a lot of options when you want to make a video collage. 

Here are the best features of the app – 

  • Create short video clips and that too up to 4 different video clips. You can even add watermarks and stickers.
  • Change the layout, add music, and you can also adjust the border of the videos. You can add and customize your logo on the video.
  • PhotoGrid allows you to adjust the ratio according to the platform where you are posting the video. You can convert videos into 4:3, 16:9, & 9:16.

However, the length of the collage you have made in the free version has a limitation. It cannot be more than 30 seconds. Unlock the premium version to make a video collage for even 1 minute without any hassles.


  • Video Collage: Mix Video and Photo 


It is a great app supporting iOS and Android devices. Video Collage allows you to make a collage, not limited to 30 seconds. It is one of the best free video collage makers currently. Take a look at the top features of the app – 

  • You can choose from a wide range of videos and add up to a maximum of 10 videos in one single collage.
  • There are different layouts to choose from, which depends on the number of videos you decided to add.
  • You can easily add music to the videos, but the file should be available in the local library. So download it first.
  • Add stickers, emojis, and templates of animals, shapes, etc. Once you are done, save it and share the college directly from the application itself.

So, if you want to create a video collage without a time limit of 30 seconds, then Video Collage is the best app that you can use now.


  • Video Collage Maker 


A truly amazing app that allows you to create beautiful collages, Video Collage Maker, comes with a lot of features. Here are the top features of the app – 

  • Add different soundtracks and music of your choice from your local library. There are more than 100+ collage layouts that you can use in the app.
  • The app allows you to search and download different images from the internet. You can also choose to add images/videos from Facebook.
  • The app comes with a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface that helps you to create different video collages. Adjust the borders, spacing, and you can even insert texts to the videos.

Available for free on the Play Store, Video Collage Maker is a free-to-use app that can revamp your video collage experience.


  • PicPlayPost  


The next video collage maker app on our list is PicPlayPost. From choosing a layout to selecting different media templates, you can do it all using this fantastic app. Here are their most loved features present in it – 

  • You can fully adjust the photo collage and video layouts according to the number of videos you add. Also, adjust the collage square to fit the video.
  • You can easily add your favorite music to your videos and also loop the clip for the whole entirety of its length.
  • One of the best features is that you can add videos that are of 1080p HD. Not many standard video editors can do it.
  • You have an amazingly cool slideshow featuring video walls, vertical and horizontal scrolling videos.

If you unlock the premium version, you can use the GIF rendering, tracking text, and video creation tool for half an hour.


  • KineMaster 


Very popular to use on both Android and iOS devices, KineMaster helps you make creative collages. The app comes with the convenient drag and drops controls, which also support Full HD pictures. Easily choose to import videos, music, and different images from your gallery or the internet. You can add a whole lot of effects and transitions that make your video more creative. The app also has color adjustment tools that allow you to edit the videos the way you like.


  • Kizoa 


The last app on this list, Kizoa, is simple to use and comes with basic features. You can choose from hundreds of templates that can help you make the collage more creative. The unique feature of this app is the addition of 3D effects on your video collage. 

It is an offline app, and you can use it easily without the internet. The app is also small in size, so you will not need too much space in order to run it.


Final Words 

Video collages are fun and can be the best way to greet someone, wish a person, or show your creativity. Our blog consists of 7 amazing video collage makers that can revamp your Instagram feed. 

All these apps are available on the app stores of both Android and iOS devices. So, you can head to the store and download them right away!

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