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Microsoft Offers Windows Devs a Bridge to iOS

Ten days ago, Microsoft released an early, open-source version of Windows Bridge for iOS, the software that gives developers the opportunity to develop applications and games for iOS, but that they can be run on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

The newly released open source software under the MIT license, announced by the e Microsoft to BUILD conference earlier this year, where they demonstrated how an iPad app launched by Windows. Now, iOS developers who want to do the same with their applications can do so using Windows Bridge for iOS which is available for download from GitHub.

Windows Bridge is actually made up of four different sections that allow iPhone developers to create Windows applications with x86 or x64 architecture using their existing skills and Objective-C code. Bridge components are: Objective-C compiler, Objective-C runtime, iOS API headers / libs, and the Visual Studio IDE integration.

Considering that iOS bridge open-source project that makes it easy for iOS developers to create and run applications on Windows, it is important to note that this version still in the early stages and that some of the important functions can to be used or still in stage of development.

Microsoft wants it to be as easy as possible for developers to get their iOS applications and games ready for Windows. IOS App Store and Google Play currently are dwarfs competitors, including Microsoft’s own Windows Phone Store and making it easy as possible for developers to take their existing applications to run on the Microsoft platform is one way of trying to close the gap. Microsoft knows that he must do something and this tool is beginning in the right direction.

Windows Bridge for iOS is one of a group of four Universal Windows platform toolkits that would serve to attract developers from other platforms.

Those who want to give a try with Windows Bridge for iOS, now it is available on GitHub now.

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