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There are many popular aquarium plants and mosses in the world. This article discusses the two most popular aquarium plants for smaller fish and shrimp aquarium tanks which are Mini Pellia and US Fissidens aquarium plants.


Mini Pellia is also known as Coral Moss and its Latin name which is Riccardia Chamedryfolia, This plant is a rare liverwort and it is originates from Southeast Asia.  This plant is deep green in color that fares better in slightly higher lighting than many moss-like plants in the freshwater aquarium.  Like other similar plants, it provides refuge for fish fry and shrimp and also very attractive.  Mini Pellia can attach itself to driftwood and rocks. This plant is slow growing and requires low to moderate light. It also require regular care and maintenance. When this plant is fully grown, it would be an expansive, lush mat.  With high humidity, Mini Pellia can even grow in a terrestrial environment.

This plant can be kept easily without much extra care. However like all plants, this plant really benefits from CO2 supplementation, although it is not that compulsory.  Mini Pellia does not respond well to chemical plant supplements.  There are lots of reports that say Mini Pellia grow well in an aquarium without supplements.

This plant really beautifies nano tank where its small stature can best be utilized. It grows very thick and can cover lava rock completely with multiple layers of its leaves. This plant is the favorite moss type plant used all over the world.


The Benefit Of Mini Pellia

  1. This is the perfect alternative to Java Moss because it is more attractive
  2. Can be attached to any terrarium décor or aquarium
  3. Low to moderate light requirements
  4. Little to no supplements needed




This US Fissidens is an aquatic moss originating from the United State of America, It is a type of fissidens species which is very attractive and purely aquatic. The rhizoids of this plant would cling on to the driftwoods or rock after a while, and so you just have to tie it once, then it attaches itself to the driftwood and rock. This plant growth is not very fast and also, it is small in size.

Although the US Fissidens is naturally found in North America, but it has became popular among aquascaping fans all over the world. This kind of moss is an aquatic type and that is why it grows well underwater.

US Fissidens has branches up to 1 inch long. Its leaf blades are sharp, narrow, and elongated. The leaves are located in sequence on the stem.

This plant leaves cannot really be eaten by Siamese Algae Eater, the famous moss eater and that is why you can successfully keep them both in one tank. Due to its small size, US Fissidens grows from the center in various directions. It can grow from a small clump into a big clump in months. It always grows as a round shaped hillock regardless of the way you cut it, You can’t change the way it grows. No matter how you cut it or plant it, US Fissidens will still tend to grow to round shape over time and this is part of its characteristics.

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