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How to Monitor Your Child’s iPhone with just the Apple ID?

For parents, it is of utmost importance to know what their little ones are using their smartphones or tech gadgets for. To monitor their activities on their tech devices is certainly not privacy invasion but a way to ensure they are on the right track.

Tech devices such as smartphones have proven to be of great convenience for everyone but everyone is aware that they have a flipside as well. They provide easy access to content that is not suitable to be viewed by children. Viewing this sort of content can have an adverse effect on the mental health of the child. Furthermore, it may push them to do certain activities that can prove to be harmful to them.

If you are a concerned parent and want to know what your little one is using their smartphone for, Family Orbit is the app you need to have. With this easy to use app, you can monitor your child’s phone quite conveniently. It only works Apple devices i.e. iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad so make sure your child has any of these devices.

How Family Orbit Can Help to Monitor your Child’s iPhone?

Family Orbit monitoring app requires only the username and password of the Apple ID of your child’s phone. Moreover, make sure the backup is enabled on their phone. There is no jailbreaking or installation of any other app required on their phone.

This app can extract data from their iPhone by creating a remote connection with their iCloud server. This connection can help to retrieve data from their iPhone that you can monitor and keep a check on their activities.

Data Family Orbit Can Retrieve

The following data Family Orbit can help to retrieve from the child’s iPhone:

  • Call History
  • Test Messages
  • Photos (Taken by camera or received)
  • Location History
  • Web History
  • WhatsApp Messages
  • Apps Installed

Access of this data can prove to be sufficient for parents to ensure their little ones aren’t using their smart devices for wrong purposes. If there is a slight hint of activities they shouldn’t be performing, you can confront them at the right time, before it is too late.

Top Reasons to Use Family Orbit

Here are some of the top reasons why you must rely on Family Orbit for your child’s safety:

  • This app is quite easy to use. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to use this app. Once you have access to your child’s login and password, you can keep a tab on their activities.
  • It can be used to extract data of multiple devices provided you have obtained a license of each one them.
  • It doesn’t require jailbreaking or installation of any other app on your or child’s phone.

Final Thoughts

Family Orbit can prove to be a great platform to know about the whereabouts and activities of your child and ensuring that your upbringing is not going waste.

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