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MSI GE66 Laptop: How Good is it?

The MSI’s laptops just released a brand new model known as the GE66 Raider (a 15-inch gaming series laptop). This latest model is a step up from the previous GE65 Raider.

It comes in a more compact, slimmer design, with a top-notch 99.9Wh battery expected to deliver excellent performance and battery life, better than the previous GE 65 model. In this review, the MSI ge66 2020 model will be compared to the previous 2019 model of MSI ge65.

Product Comparison

  MSI GE66 Raider 2020 MSI GE65 Raider  2019
Screen 15.6 =-inch size display

Screen resolution at 1920 x 1080 px (IPS),

300 Hz matte

15.6 =-inch size display

Screen resolution at 1920 x 1080 px (IPS),

240 Hz matte

Processor 10th Gen core i9

Comet lake core H

9th Gen Core i9

Coffee Lake-R core H

Ports ·        3 USB-A 3.2,

·        2 USB-C

·        HDMI 2.0b, LAN

·        SD card reader

·        Kensington lock

·        3 USB-A 3.2,

·        1 USB-C

·        HDMI 2.0b, LAN

·        SD card reader

·        Kensington lock

Battery 99.9 Wh battery capacity 51  Wh battery capacity
Extras ·        RGB Keyboard,

·        Large click pad,

·        HD webcam,

·        side-firing stereo speakers

·        RGB Keyboard,

·        large click pad,

·        HD webcam,

·        Down-firing stereo speakers



The MSI ge66 features an extremely neat design setup. It appears dark grey from the box with other muted branding elements. You also find a dragon shield on the laptop’s lid differing from the backlit type of the GE66 version.

A closer look at the laptop showcase a typical tapered front and beefier exhaust on the back. For a desirable cooling effect, the laptop comes with extra space and is made entirely of an outer aluminium body, which is not as portable as the GE65 model. The exterior aluminum contributes to the durable and premium design of the laptop.


MSI GE66 laptop is putting a light on its display, making it a relevant gaming laptop with top-notch color accuracy and contrast. It features a 15.6- inch diagonal screen display with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It is to be improved with a 300-Hz refresh rate panel than its previous GE65 model with a 240-Hz.

This faster panel will be of good use to top gamers and those who carry out graphics-intensive tasks daily. It will be of good use as long as it is not used outdoors or extremely bright areas.

No of ports

In 2020, not so many laptops come with DVD optical drives. Instead, they have many ports available.

One comparative advantage with MSI GE66 is that it is gratefully embedded with ports to encourage interactivity. It comes with ports, including 2 USB type-C ports, 3 USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI 2.0 port, and an SD card reader, which is also similar to the type found in the GE65 model.

The MSI laptop also comes with other ports like the headphone jack, RJ45 Ethernet (LAN) port, and a Kensington security lock port.


When it comes to specs, this GE66 laptop is embedded with the latest 10th Generation Comet lake Core H processor and also features the latest NVIDIA graphics. No word can be said about its storage, and SSD specs have it has not undergone full testing.

Battery Life

The MSI GE66 now comes with a 99Wh battery capacity, which is a step upgrade from the 55Wh capacity of MSI GE65 laptop.

The increased battery capacity could be mean more battery life for this gaming computer model. This battery is embedded beneath the chassis under the Keyboard.

Keyboard and Touchpad

MSI GE66 laptop features a soft to touch keyboard that allows one to type faster with less impressions. The power button is carefully integrated with the keypad at the top right corner.

The same goes for the touchpad, which is quite super responsive, hence allowing faster navigation.

Audio output

The maker of the MSI GE66 performed a fantastic job of introducing a dual-speaker for the laptop as compared to the older MSI models. Even the previous MSI GE65 features down-firing speakers, which does not provide enough sound quality.

As an additional advantage, the speakers on MSI GE66 no longer take a lot of space able to fit with the laptop’s smaller chassis and other powerful components.

Bottom line

MSI GE66 is one of the newly released gaming PC of the year 2020. Although it is tagged to be a limited version and hasn’t been thoroughly reviewed yet, it holds super interactive features. The features of the MSI GE66 promise to provide an excellent experience for gamers and other users who carry out graphics-intensive tasks.

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