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The New Sigma Series ID Card Printers

ID card printers are not only exceptionally useful as they allow you to print ID cards easily and efficiently, but they also come with numerous features that allow you to customise your ID cards with ease. When it comes to ID card printers available on the market, however, which ones should you take a look at?

Recently, Entrust has announced their new Sigma Series ID Card printers. Not only are these printers designed for today’s cloud environments, but it also comes with new technologies that other ID card printers on the market may not have.


What are some of the features of the new Sigma Series ID Card Printers?

Some of the features of the new printers include being able to do both desktop and mobile printing, coming with cloud-based APIs, and coming with a smooth user experience.


We’ll go into greater detail about these features below:

1. Simple

Not only are the new Sigma Series ID Card Printers easy to unbox, but they also come with an intuitive printer dashboard that allows you to issue cards or mobile flash passes with ease. These printers are exceptionally user-friendly and you can even order supplies from them, update your firmware and so much more.


2. Secure

These ID Card Printers are also incredibly secure so you won’t have to worry about your customer’s data accidentally being leaked. Thanks to the printer’s industry-leading issuance security architecture, you can be assured that your customer’s data is always safe.


3. Smart

Wondering what happens when your needs evolve? Not to worry as these new Sigma Series ID Card Printers come with scalability along with forward-thinking technology. If you’d like for example, you can always opt for additional security features such as holographic images, luster or tactile impressions on your ID card. Here’s what these two security features are all about

  • Tactile Impression: This is an affordable way to take your ID card to the next level without needing a laminator. With tactile impression, not only will your ID cards be more difficult to replicate, but it also adds to the overall design of the ID card – which is always a nice bonus.
  • Luster: If you’re someone that’s all about the design of your ID cards, you’ll be glad to know that you can enhance its overall design with luster. By printing radiant and colour-shifting designs, your ID cards will be exceptionally eye-catching.
    You can opt for visible iridescent mica print and UV fluorescing – whichever suits your needs best. In addition, you can also opt for single-sided or double-sided; which is always a nice bonus.


Getting started with your Sigma Series ID Card Printers

Photo: Identity People


As seen from the above, Sigma Series ID Card Printers come with powerful features that make them a good investment. Whether you’re looking to craft ID cards with security features or want to customise their design, Sigma Series ID Card Printers have got you covered.

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