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No Contact Order and the Legal Repercussions for Violating It in Michigan

No contact order is one of most common legal jargons in the cases related to family laws. The basic aim of such orders is to protect the victim from any possible attempt to harm him or her (by the accused) in future.

What is a No Contact Order?

No contact orders in Michigan are usually issued in cases related to domestic violence where one partner, most commonly wife or girlfriend, is harmed by the other partner. In USA, the cases related to domestic violence are taken very seriously.

In no contact order, the accused person is ordered by the court of law to maintain distance from the victim, either for a fixed period of time or for the entire life. The person who is convicted is not allowed to contact, meet or approach the victim in any situation until the victim’s consent is acquired which is very rare to happen.

What are the Complexities Involved in No Contact Order?

The major problem with no contact order is that the word contact has very loose definition. Due to technological advancements, there are multiple ways through which the convicted person can contact the victim. Or, through third party, the convicted person can attempt to establish the contact with the victim.

In addition to it, it is really hard to walk out of relationships without any repercussions. A no contact rule closes all gates for the victim and offender to reconcile in future until the case is withdrawn. In case the victim does not wish to reconcile, the children, if any, can suffer to a great extent as they will find it hard to meet their father or mother.

Any violation of a no contact order can lead to serious legal consequences like incarceration. This can further create problems for a family. If the offender wishes to get the no contact order removed, the best way is to get the services of an expert legal practitioner who can help the offender file a motion for removal. However, there is no guarantee that the judge will remove the no contact order. This is because the victim’s consent is indispensable in such cases. How the offender will contact with victim under no contact order? How both will decide the grounds and conditions for bond? Many cases concerned with removal of no contact order get stuck here.

What to Do if You Have Violated a No Contact Order in Michigan?

If you have violated a no contact order in Allendale, Michigan, you should be ready to face serious legal repercussions. The violator will not only be held for contempt of court due to violation of court orders but also charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony along with up to one year of jail and heavy amount of fine.

This is exactly why you should never face such charges alone. The first thing you need to do is to hire an expert criminal defense attorney immediately who will legally represent you in the court and chalk out your defense strategy in order to avoid the charges. You should be completely honest with your attorney so that he or she can help you clear the charges.

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