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Norwegian Forest Cat Basic Information

The Viking’s cat history goes far back as the Norse lore in Norway. It is known chiefly as wegie and also looks very much like the Maine coon cat. The kitty doesn’t need the recognition of the owner but loves it. They are not known for their vocal prowess; what it does is to put its head on your hand to get noticed.

It is an indoor feline that loves playing and socializing with family members and other pets in the home. You should know why the Norwegian cat is the most loved kitty in the world. However, you must understand how the cat came into existence and became well known in the world today. You can find more by looking up popular feline guide on how to care for this particular breed of kitten.

History of the Norwegian Forest Feline

The Norwegian Forest cat is legendary for its ability to find its way around trees in the forest. The pet reads the heart of a man and can predict what happens in the future. It doesn’t reveal its face; all you can see is the tail of this mysterious animal. Wegie, for the first time, was introduced in a pet show way back in World War II. It is as beautiful as those that raised it.

When the Norwegian forest pet gained entry into the United States, the Maine coon was the country’s oldest forest pet. But with great determination, the cat became famous in the United States. It is because of the constant appearance of the magical pet in mog shows.

Facts About the Norwegian Forest Cat

There is anonymous information about this legendary and magical breed of pet. We would be discussing some of those facts that make them stand out amongst other species of puss. They are listed below.

The Norwegian Forest Cats Are Good around Trees

Have you seen a mog come down from a tree with a head facing the ground before? If so, it must be a Norwegian forest cat. The claws are the strongest amongst its breed. It grants them extraordinary skills to climb.

The Norwegian Forest Mog Links Maine Coons Genetically

The Maine coon and the Norwegian forest feline have the same body size and hairy tails. They seem like cousins. A genetic study has revealed the Maine coon is of identical offspring as the Norwegian forest cat. It is not easy identifying them because they have similar features. For example, the face of a Norwegian cat is triangular, while that of the Maine coon is a wedge-like shape.

They are Susceptible to Health Issues

They suffer health problems inherited from old. They suffer illnesses like heart problems and hip dysplasia. They also suffer from glycogen storage disease type IV resulting from the storage of glycogen in the body. It is hazardous to the pet. The link here has more on health signs to look out for in your kitten.

They are Giant-like in Size

This breed of cat is more prominent than other mogs. They weigh from 13 to 22 pounds. They are more significant than small-sized dogs.

They Possess Inbuilt Winter Clothes

The Norwegian cats all possess an extended, double protective cover that hinders the penetration of water. These standard features keep them alive in the cold Norwegian winters. It may not have the same color of hair as other breeds from the same species.

They Nearly went Extinct

This breed of kitty witnessed a decrease in population. The main reason is because of the crossbreeding with other native cats. A breeding program initiated by the Norwegian feline club helped save the life of this mysterious animal.

These Felines Are Popular in the North of Europe.

They are loved by the Europeans, especially by those in the Nordic regions such as Denmark, Finland, Iceland, to mention a few. However, they are not that famous in the US like they are in Europe.

They have “snowshoes.”

The Norwegian cat has large and hairy ears when compared to other mouser breeds. Its feet have a tuft that makes it move quickly in the cold region.

They Develop Slowly

The rate of maturity in this cat breed is slow compared to other feline species. However, they develop strong bones at a tender stage. They grow in size as they develop.

They Love a Long Nap

These breeds of cats love to sleep just like every other pet. They spend an average of 12 to 16 of their time sleeping on a daily. They do this after spending time with kids and adults alike.

Bathing a Norwegian Forest Kitten can be a Challenge

Most times, new owners find it challenging to bathe the cat. It is because of its waterproof coat. You should seek the consent of an experienced person before you decide to clean the puss. You can find more suggestions here on how to bath your feline.

Watch Out for Obesity

They love to eat as much as they play. The excessive intake of food causes its increase in size. However, the pet owner has to draw up a routine for daily exercise. They are known to suffer obesity which can result in the untimely death of the furry companion.


Final Note

On a final note, you should differentiate between a Norwegian forest cat from other feline species. They are as old as humanity itself. If you plan to buy one today, you must know the health-related problems faced by the animal and how you can avoid them.

If you want to buy a furry companion or pet, I suggest you get yourself a wedgie as it is easy to train and passionate about.

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