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Old School RuneScape: Sure Ways to 99 Magic

Magic feels to most players like an endless cycle of clicking that needs spending a lot of money on runes. To one’s relief, reaching Level 99 does not require a great deal of effort if one utilizes the most effective training paths. Keep in mind that any serious training in OSRS is guaranteed to involve repetition since that is simply the architecture of the game. This 1-99 Magic Leveling Tutorial will go through some of the favored ways for Magic boosting in OSRS, including various AFK Magic Training Techniques to spice up the tedium.

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The Basics

What Gear Can You Use?

The following items will assist you in reaching level 99 in magic more quickly and at a lower cost. It’s possible that purchasing this gear may initially give you the impression that it’s pricey, but in reality, it will save you money and increase the pace at which you get experience in magic.

As soon as your Magic skill reaches level 70, you will be able to equip the Occult Necklace. You will do 10% more damage with magic if you wear this strong necklace, which can be purchased for 250 thousand gold pieces. Because it will improve your experience rates, the Occult Necklace is an absolute must if you want to learn Magic via the use of battle training.

When you have reached level 75 in Magic, you will be able to begin utilizing the Kodai Wand. It is possible to utilize the Ancient Magicks Spellbooks and any other spellbook with the Kodai Wand in order to automatically perform spells. In addition to that, it offers a limitless supply of water runes.

The unique effect of the wand provides a 15% chance of canceling out the cost of the rune, and utilizing it grants the user an increase of 15% in their magic damage. This means that using the Kodai Wand will reduce the cost of your magic training while simultaneously increasing your rate of experience gain.


The F2P Workaround

Users may practice Magic in the free edition of the game, but they have access to a severely pared-down spellbook and set of tools. That is to say, if you put in the time and effort, you can still reach level 99 in a short length of time. Without further ado, please find below the Free-to-Play portion of our OSRS Magic tutorial.


Beginner (1 to 29) to Advanced (30 and beyond)

To begin practicing the fundamental strike spells, gather an Amulet of Magic, a Zamorak Robe Bottom, a Wizard’s Hat, a Wizard’s Robe Top, and any element staff. For this iteration of Magic Precision, this is the greatest gear available.


Splashing Curses (Levels 29 to 43)

Splattering the Curse spell is a quick and inexpensive method to level up your Alchemy skill before you have access to High-Level Alchemy. Splash every spell you cast by donning a full suit of armor and either the Dragonhide Vambraces or simply the Cursed Goblin Staff. Much superior to other spells until level 55, this one may potentially provide 29,000 points of experience per hour.


Curse Alching (Levels 55 to 99)

Curse Alching is another option; it’s quite identical to Stun Alching, only it uses a weaker curse and single-element staves instead of a variety of them. The plan is to use High-Level Alchemy in between uses of Curse on a monster while fully armored and sporting Green Dragonhide Vambraces. In addition, you may get as much as 100,000 XP every hour by honing your efficiency.


The P2P Workaround

Strike of Fire (Levels 13 to 37)

For low-level players, Fire Strike is a particularly effective and devastating method of killing high-level monsters. If you’re just starting off, this spell will get you through the Gnome Stronghold and the Fight Arena without breaking the bank.

You can get at least 20,000 exp in an hour if you strike with reasonable precision and carry Curse runes for use between creatures.


Fire Bolt (Levels 37 through 43 to 55)

While much more costly than Fire Strike at little more than 100 GP each cast, its basic XP per cast and maximum hit are both significantly greater. The Chaos Gauntlets obtained during the Family Crest quest boost the maximum damage by a factor of 3. This is one of the greatest cost-effective spells against valuable creatures like Steel Dragons due to its high hit rate.


Superheat Item (Levels 43 and beyond)

Superheat Items are an alternate way of training that may be used to get passive Smithing experience. If you cast this spell and give it your complete attention, you may get a minimum of 80,000 points of experience in one hour.


Using the Camelot Teleport (Levels 45 to 55)

The cheapest method to level Magic is to spam teleports, and this spell requires just an air staff and a single law rune to cast. You can swiftly achieve level 55, but it’s tedious and expensive, giving you up to 80,000 XP every hour.


Alchemy at the Expert Levels (Levels 55 to 99)

Every time a high-level alchemist casts a spell, one object is transformed into gold. Using this spell will usually cost you money due to the price of the goods and the Nature Runes required. Luckily, the F2P Wiki keeps track of the most lucrative goods for alchemy and automatically updates the list.

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