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Online Casino: Why Gaming On A Laptop is Better

When you think about playing online casinos, you probably don’t think about how the device you’re playing on can directly impact how enjoyable it is. Picture this; you’re on a great site, playing your favorite game, and you’re constantly faced with tech issues. Sounds frustrating right? That’s exactly what you can expect if you’re using a substandard device.

Despite the worldwide trend of mobile overtaking desktop users, the online casino industry is one of the very few where this isn’t happening. Although mobile casinos are far better than they used to be, seasoned players are still preferring to play on their laptops or PC. In this article, our friends at Nettikasinot Kuninkaat have taken a look at why this is. Keep reading to find out the answers.
Better Technology

Although mobile phones and tablets are improving with each new release, it’s no secret that a laptop packs a much bigger punch. From processors to RAM and storage, a mobile device cannot compete with a laptop or PC.

Slot games are designed for the big screen, and it’s so much more fun to play these new and modern games without having to squint at a small phone. Playing in full-screen mode on a browser is the perfect way to immerse yourself, and this is only possible with a computer.


Less Waiting Around

Let’s face it, mobiles can be slow, especially when trying to load HTML5 or flash. You might only have a few minutes to play, and you could spend most of it waiting for games to load or buffer. Ever played a slot and seen the dreaded circle spinning on the reels? It can ruin the experience.

Using a decent laptop should avoid most delays and mean that you can get more out of your gaming time.


Specific Promotions

Believe it or not, some casinos actually have promotions that are dedicated to computer users. This works both ways, as some will also incentivize mobile players. This means that you will be able to claim a bonus for playing a certain game on your laptop, as you normally would. It’s a no-brainer, right?


Game Launches

When a new online slot launches, it almost always launches first on the desktop platform. The mobile release can be weeks, if not months later. This means that laptop users get to try the newest titles first, without any waiting around. You also get to experience the ‘full’ game, with the mobile version often being scaled back in comparison.


Why Choosing The Right Laptop is Important

Not every laptop is created equally, and not all are capable of handling high-definition games and fast-speed gambling. To have the best gaming experience, we recommend that you choose a powerful enough laptop that won’t struggle to load and maintain your favorite slots.

If you choose an old or low-quality laptop, you are likely to face many of the same frustrations that a mobile user has. Always remember to check the full specification before purchasing.

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