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PDF Merger Tool: An Advanced Tool Offered By Gogopdf For Free


Combining our individual PDFs may seem a challenging task sometimes. However, when you have found the right tool for them, the whole task will be much easier on your behalf. Hence, without further ado, we would like to introduce the excellent service of Gogopdf. 

Gogopdf is a free website that allows you to merge your PDFs into a single document. You just have to read the instructions indicated to combine them. The process will be 100% safe and protected. Rest assured that your sensitive data will be safeguarded. 


How does the combiner tool work?

This is not just a one-sided tool. You can also look for the website’s compression tool to get the service’s full benefits. The website supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux for accessing their PDF merging tool. You can fully access their browser wherever you may be for as long as you are connected to the Internet.

If you wish to compress a pdf of charge, but you don’t know how, Gogopdf will offer you a helping hand. Just follow the steps mentioned below to get you started. Rest assured that merging your files will be easy as making a cup of tea. 


  • Upload Your PDFs


To upload your PDFs, visit the website first, click the “Select A File” button in the converter area, and you will be directed to your file manager. Choose the PDFs you wish to merge in a single file. The tool can also merge files into different formats such as spreadsheets, PNGs, JPGs, and even Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. 

You are permitted to use the tool via Linux, Mac, or Windows operating systems. The tool is also accessible on any device as long as you are connected to a stable WiFi or data connection. Once you follow the necessary instructions, you’ll undoubtedly get a great outcome! 


  • Let The Tool Combine Your Uploaded PDFs


When your PDFs are scanned, you are required to choose between two options: the pro edition process or the standard procedure. Choose one, and the tool will automatically merge your PDFs. Take note that you can still add a few more documents in the middle of the procedure. 

The storage of your device will never be used when combining your PDFs. All operations will take place in the cloud. Their cloud-based system also enables users to view the Gogopdf website at any time and wherever they want via any gadget.


  • Modify Your PDFs


If you have to make some changes with your PDFs, modify them using the tool. There are options available; choose what is appropriate for your content. Rest assured that it will be safe, fast, and secure. 

The combiner tool utilizes strong 256-bit encryption. Therefore, your personal information will be protected from harm, keeping your private files away from any possible risks on the Internet. Your peace of mind is vital for the website. 


  • Save The Output


When your newly merged PDFs are ready, save them on your disc or Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. You can also share the website on your social media accounts by copying the link to let the online world know about the excellent service of Gogopdf. Rest assured that this will not share your content. 


Advantages Of Using The Site’s Merger Tool

Modern business culture is very closely linked online. Considering that we live in a technological age, it should come as no surprise that merging your multiple PDFs is now vital. This pertains not only to enterprises but also to our everyday activities. 


Numerous advantages come with the use of PDF mergers, whether it be for work or more casual reasons. Here are some of the factors for using the tool and why it is so advantageous nowadays.

Assures Accuracy

The PDF merger tool is simple to use. They speed up the process without compromising on the quality of the document. Guaranteeing that your information stays accurate while maintaining its integrity is vital to its service. 


Saves Storage Space

You can maintain your workstation neat and clean by digitizing your database. With a PDF merger tool’s assistance, you can simply achieve all your sensitive data stored on one device. This is an excellent alternative for retrieving your files in multiple files.

You Can Make Backups

If you also need to keep copies of files on hand, using a PDF merger tool can be a great way to create electronic backup copies. By having backup paper records in the means of online data, you can prevent any crisis that may occur in a file from being harmed.


Saves Time

In accordance with saving time, appropriate document merging tools will help users considerably reduce costs. Using a PDF merge, you can refrain from making mistakes when it comes to data transfer. In addition, as it saves time, you can concentrate much better on other tasks and even boost your productivity.


Protects Your Files

Safety and confidentiality are the primary concerns of today’s digitalized world. The ability to be password protected is a fantastic feature of the tool. If you share confidential material with a business associate or a coworker, you can protect a document using Gogopdf, which could secure all kinds of sensitive information.


Works Faster Than Other Tools Online

Just wait for a few seconds, and the Gogopdf will begin its service free of charge. You don’t even have to install the software. The platform uses all systems, such as iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, or Mac. This is a standardized web-based tool that allows you to merge files in just a few taps.



We are too fortunate that this kind of website offers a free service. There are no challenging tasks when it comes to Gogopdf. They can do the whole work on your behalf without giving your stress or tearing your pocket out. 

Use its PDF merger tool now and see how the magic happens inside its toolbox. You will surely be delighted in the end. Share the website with your friends online, and let them witness its superb qualities too. 

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