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How Power BI training helps organisations become ‘Data Savvy’

Investing in become more data savvy and establishing a data culture within an organisation has become essential to having the ‘business edge’. Power BI just works. It’s simple, intuitive and has what you want for your data analytics requirements.  Power BI training ensures you obtain the true value and potential from this leading BI tool. Organisational teams become empowered with the confidence in best practice and how to ensure they’re producing desired results. Microsoft Gold Partners, like Data Bear, provide Power BI training courses which focus on helping organisations reduce their CTI (Cycle Time to Information), and ultimately increase productivity and efficiency.

Who benefits from Power BI courses?

There are two groups who benefit from Power BI training courses, consumers and report developers. Data Bear’s training ensure that all consumers of Power BI reports and dashboards understand how best to derive value from a Power BI solution. Power BI has many rich features which easily allows end-users, without requiring any prior data analysis training, to, within minutes, derive exception value from their data. With regards to empowering analysts, they learn to understand the fundamental concepts required for optimizing value from Power BI. All training exercises have a relevant context, covering ‘real-life’ scenarios that require building KPIs to answers specific business questions. This training ensures that, going forward, report builders have a best practice foundation to continue the process of getting the right data into the right hands.

The value offering of Power BI workshops for business operations:

Power BI has disrupted the Business Intelligence space. It truly is a powerful tool. Unfortunately, when this feature rich tool is not understood, many of the game changing value is left dormant. When an analyst or report builder’s experience of BI is limited to working with data in Excel, often fundamental data modelling concepts are not understood or correctly applied. When built incorrectly Power BI solutions can have slow performance and, more importantly, the report design does not focus on telling a compelling interactive story around a specific business questions. When a team has been empowered to understand ‘the art of the possible’ and how best to achieve this, it adds significant value to operations and data efficiency.

How Data Bear’s training is structured:

Rather than teaching content in isolation or without a specific outcome, the courses are structure to follow ‘real life’ scenarios. All courses, which comes with a manual and exercise files, are ‘hands-on’, thus delegates are guided through the end-to-end process of building compelling reports using best practice. This process follows a logical process of connecting to various data sources, transforming data as required, building useful reports and then sharing these across the organisation.

Other Data Bear offerings outside of training:

As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics, Data Bear’s competencies and capabilities have been validated, furthermore, as a recognised provider of Power BI consulting and implementations, they are able to provide ongoing support packages. Here are some of the additional services they provide:

–         BI Consulting

With Data Bear as your partner, we remain client focused to create a Business Intelligence framework for your organization’s decision-making processes. By converting raw data into actionable insights, we help businesses make better decisions. We provide expert business intelligence and data management services that help clients optimize their ability to leverage data to eliminate guessing and make data driven decisions.

Working as a collaborative Microsoft Power BI partner, we see the big picture, ask the right questions and look for our clients’ underlying business challenges.

–         Azure Analysis Service

Azure Analysis Services provides enterprise-grade data modelling in the cloud and easily integrates with Power BI on the front-end. It is a fully managed platform as a service (PaaS), integrated with Azure data platform services.

–        Data Architecture and Warehousing

Essentially, a data warehouse helps solve the on-going problem of pulling large amounts of data out of transactional or operational systems quickly and efficiently and transforming that data into actionable insights. When investing in a DW, you are not investing in a specific reporting tool, rather, you are future proofing by investing in a historical and coherent picture of your business at a point in time. We automate the process of extracting, cleaning, consolidating and restructuring your data so that it delivers excellent query performance, even for complex analytic queries, without impacting transactional or operational systems.

For further confirmation as to what differentiates our training, please search for our company’s name and take a look at our many 5 star Google reviews.

Visit our website for more information around how we can empower your team to ‘Be Data Savvy’.

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