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Quick Guide to trade with Bitcoin Era app

Considering the flow of crypto trade, many people are into it. There is no doubt that crypto market is a huge attraction for everyone. No matter if its huge investors or independent traders, everyone wants to trade in the market and get their profit share. Even the market has potential to accommodate everyone with equal opportunities.

Many people are unaware of the options and platforms that help them in real time crypto trading. They are afraid of the frauds and issues that emerge every day and make things difficult. However, there is good news for everyone who wants to trade in crypto.

The independent and secure platform, Bitcoin Era app is right there in the market. It is a one-stop solution letting everyone to trade freely in the crypto market. The app contains ultimate interface that makes it friendly for all the new and professional users at the same time.

If you wish to get start trading on the Bitcoin Era app, then here is a quick guide to follow.

Get the app

The very first step is to get the app. Bitcoin Era app is a desktop as well as smartphone app. You can get the app on your desktop or phone easily. Make sure to access the original app link so you can eliminate any of the frauds or middle party apps in the procedure.

Open free trading account

Once you are at the desktop app version or online web link, now you need to setup a trading account. It is all free and there is no in app purchase. You just have to fill up a short account opening form with all essential and accurate details. Be sure of verifying all the details accurately so there will be no issues later.

Once you have entered all the details and confirm your identity, you have the trading account. Before getting started, the app will let you have a tutorial. With the help of tutorial and demo, you will be able to know the app handles, commands and features.

Make quick deposit

After getting familiar with the app and its controls, it is the time to add your verified payment source and make a deposit. The app lets you have the online bank transfer of your deposits. There are no limitations of investment by the app but you may need to consider your state or bank policy for the transfers.

Select your trading options

Now, you are able to start trading. Bitcoin Era app lets you trade manually and automatically. If you are good, enough with research and trading instinct then you can trade yourself. However, for the beginners, app offers an auto trade mode. It is more like a copy trading where app offers you its services for safe trades.

Get the updates and enjoy profit

You will be able to get the live updates in the app regarding all new leads in the market. Follow these leads and you can make more profit. Simply do the trades and enjoy profit.

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