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Reasons to start an anonymous blog

Today the world is going gaga for celebrities. The best thing is that now anybody can become a celebrity by showcasing their talent on social media. It goes viral in a few minutes and makes them accessible. You can start a blog if you are good at writing on politics, health, or technology. It helps you attain huge fame in a short time. The readers who love your posts would share it with friends and acquaintances on social media. However, if you want to give a shot of writing blogs, you can stay incognito and publish the anonymous blog post. You can give an opinion about what is happening in the society or share the thought that is racking in your head with the people. When they are like-minded people, they will immediately connect to your post.

Sometimes, the perception shared by you will harm the brand. The public figures sharing their thoughts and supporting something controversial would tarnish their public image. If you still could not stop yourself from sharing the thoughts, you can start an anonymous blog.

The best anonymous blog platforms are Tumblr, Wix, Blogger, Medium, Weebly, and Squarespace.

You are still not convinced why to start an anonymous blog, and then keep reading these eight reasons:

Keep professional and personal life intact.

The blog that you are going to start anonymously will help you keep it away from your professional life. The blog allows you to share the thoughts and ideas you are passionate about fashion, technology, health, stock market, and so on outside of your work. It won’t let you spill the beans to your office people that you are running a blog. If your blog posts go viral, you can proudly say that you are the blogger of that post.

Negative connotations

If you want to talk about a sensitive topic, you can start a blog and keep posting the blog articles. If your family and friends do not like the topic you want to discuss, you can create a blog anonymously to share the knowledge with the people globally. Not many people who are connected to you would be happy to see your name on the blog article. For instance, if you want to write about divorce, bankruptcy, or HIV patients, you can blog it with anonymity and privately. It gives the best platform for you to express your feelings and thoughts.

Protect the identity of other people

You can take up blogging as a second income for you. It is an excellent platform that allows you to vent out your frustration on anything without disclosing your identity. You can calm your senses by expressing out your thoughts on the manager, colleagues, or people who are becoming the troublemakers in your life.

Handle controversies safely

There are many controversial topics that people want to express their thoughts. The restrictions of society bound them. They are also drive by what society thinks about them when they share something in support of the whole society shows disapproval. The blogging platform is an ideal way to share what is in your mind with the people without revealing your identity. Be it you want to discuss the local politics or discuss the education system in your country or corruption; you can use this platform. It helps you to stay safe from the people who cannot tolerate listening to the facts that you are sharing.

There is a dark side in every field, be it entertainment or IT industry, but no one wants to throw a light. Many are concerned about their career being in stake for disclosing those bitter facts. Blogging can be used to convey the darker side of the field and how people are struggling. This is a whistleblower for the people who want to take up that profession. They can stay vigilant while dealing with the people in those fields.

Get rid of the non-compete clause.

There are a few people for whom you are working would not want you to start a business something similar to them. There is no such rule applicable in writing. You can write informative blogs for your family business and grab the people’s attention towards your brand. It could pose trouble to the former employer or a client for whom you have worked with. However, by staying anonymous, you can write blogs.

New to the field

If you are confident enough to write on a subject, you can directly start a blog and post the articles. However, if you want to give a shot, you can blog by staying anonymous. No one would question you. Some teenagers are blogging on various topics and are earning a good amount of money. You can start blogging on your favorite topic as a ghostwriter and improve your writing skills. After gaining confidence, you can announce your name to the world under the blog post you are writing.

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