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Review of Fieldap by FutureOn- Best Field Activity Platform

Fieldap (Field Activity Planner) is a wonderful platform that will make field planning, designing, and activity scheduling easy. Everyone knows offshore engineering is a time-consuming and challenging task. To make it easy, this platform is created. We have reviewed this software in this article. Have a look!

What is Fieldap?

Fieldap is a cloud-based digital platform that is designed for making offshore engineering work easy to manage. The best thing about this platform is that it can be integrated with any engineering software and a backend system that you are already using in your organization.

This solution will allow you to digitize your assets and provides visuals of your field. In addition, it makes collaborating with your team hassle-free. This platform decreases cost as it will enable you to find the perfect designing solution for your product. This is capable of reducing the lead time of the project.

Key Features

Have a look at the key features this platform offers.

  1. Field Layout Module- This is one of the best features. It makes designing stress-free thanks to its drag and drop operation. This will help in creating new field layout along with copying the existing ones. The module allows your design to be simple and advanced, depending on you. Additionally, you can quickly create multiple field layouts for what-if analytics.
  2. Project Dashboard- An amazing feature of this solution is the project dashboard. It will display all your projects in one place.
  3. Asset Library- Another feature that makes this platform exceptional is its library. The assets are design elements that represent installation structures like templates or manifolds. Currently, the platform comes with an asset library of most commonly used vessels and structures.
  4. Security and User Administration- You can invite new users to the project and assign access privileges. In this way, you can keep your projects protected and safe.

Benefits of Using Fieldap

There are plenty of benefits of using Fieldap, here are some of the major ones.

Collaboration Made Easy

One of the benefits of using this software solution is that it makes global collaboration a breeze. In offshore engineering projects, there is no chance of error or mistake. This is the reason why there should be no risk of any language barriers, misunderstanding, or communication errors. Through this platform, you can have access to real-time visual collaboration with all the elements of the project.

Moreover, it will allow everyone to see the same information at the same time. The experts can share their expertise and have a positive impact on the result of the project.

Asset Management

It will enable you to manage your assets through a cloud-based approach. Your assets will store configuration, costing, and engineering data. It helps in enhancing engineering performance.

Visualize the Field

Thanks to this software solution, you can easily view the information and assets visually. This solution will turn your assets into a 3D design on your field layout. It will allow you to generate real data and ideas quickly. This helps in making smarter decisions.

Furthermore, when you move your assets in 3D, it will also move all the related assets. It will even recalculate the costs, metadata, and timelines. It means the information you find is always updated, accurate, and easily accessible.

Therefore, Fieldap is an excellent software solution for offshore engineering projects.

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