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Security Service Organizations can Lower Costs and Increase Security

If you are company that provides security services then you already know the importance of positive identification. It helps to legitimize your business and establishes trust with those organizations that contract your service. Another big reason that positive and secure identification is so important is to prevent criminals from appearing as security guards in order to make committing crimes easier.

In today’s world of easy access to technology, it’s not incredibly difficult to duplicate a uniform and a phony identification badge. So there are steps that have to be taken in order to prevent easy duplication of ID cards. Not every organization can match the money that government organizations spend in order to prevent criminals from producing counterfeit identification cards and other documents.

However, there are some very affordable options and some steps that smaller organizations can take to prevent forgery of their ID badges. Here are a list of steps that help make your security business more secure and then some affordable resources you can use right away.

  1. Utilize a custom made identification badge with your organization’s colors and logo. This helps establish creditability with clients and avoids easy duplication.
  2. Use only quality materials. Most duplication processes involve using home printers which are not able to print on high quality badge material like PVC.
  3. Add holographic security image. representative stated that adding a holographic image to an ID badge increases the over appearance as well as the security of the badge itself. It is one of the most requested services for ID badges for security services.
  4. Add a bar code to the security badges. This enables them to be scanned so clients and business owners can verify the identity of the security guard.
  5. Use RFID cards that can read with a RFID scanner. Another benefit to RFID is they can be programed to work with a client’s RFID system.

Another recommendation is to have local government law enforcement official familiar with the security guard’s ID badges and uniforms. This can reduce confusion during an emergency which could prevent law enforcement from addressing the actual threat.

This is not a fully inclusive list of ways to secure badges. But this is a great start to making your business look professional and increase your client’s confidence. These tips on a more secure ID badge can help your business in the long run. The more secure and the more professional a business looks the more likely it will increase revenue.

Even the most perfectly run security organization cannot afford to have one incident where there was a lapse in security. It could ruin the entire company. So taking the necessary steps to make a positive identity of its employees is a move in the right direction for the advancement of the company.



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