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SEO Coaching vs SEO Agency: What’s the right pick for my business?

Getting relevant traffic to your business website is a crucial factor in modern marketing. Looking at your Google Analytics account may shock you in a negative way, as you realize that your amount of traffic is way below what you’ve expected. So, what should do in such a case? Generally speaking, you have two completely different options to solve this problem. The first solution is getting traffic by using ads. The most common platform for that is, by far, Google Ads. A huge benefit from using Paid Traffic is that you will receive traffic immediately. The downside on the other hand is, that you will need a pretty big marketing budget, as most niches are highly competitive these days. Therefore Google uses a bid-strategy to decide who takes the most-desired first place on the Search-Engine-Result-Page (SERP). So in the end, it’s solely about money — who pays the most to Google, gets the best spot within the Ads section.


How to get free qualified traffic from doing SEO

That being said, a lot of people get attracted by SEO, which stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. This process includes a variety of things on and off your website. Therefore SEO Experts separate the whole optimizing-process into two different areas: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. You may be wondering now “What’s SEO good for, overall?”. Let’s put it this way: By leveraging Search-Engine-Optimization, you enable your website to rank for the exact same terms, that you’d be paying for while using Google Ads. The main difference is, that these so called “organic” rankings, which result from doing SEO, doesn’t cost you a dime. It’s basically free qualified traffic.


Should I hire an SEO Expert or an Agency?

Now, that you’re familiar with the core principles of SEO, you might wonder what’s the best way to get juicy traffic to you money site. Generally speaking, you got two options: Either, you’ll hire someone to do SEO for you (either an Agency or a Freelancer) or you’ll do it yourself. In the first case, you need a solid marketing budget, because SEO Experts and Agencies charge hourly rates from 100,00 € up. If we put that into perspective, you’ll need 1000€/month or more in most cases, to get decent results.

Especially startups and small businesses tend to struggle when it comes to these kind of expenses.


Leverage SEO Coaching and learn how to do it yourself

Because of that, more and more businesses tend to hire a SEO Coach, so they are able to do SEO by themselves. Leveraging SEO Coaching for your business can be quite a game changer. The costs for learning SEO are extremely low, compared to what you would spend in the timespan of a year or even less. The best part is, that you will learn all the insider’s tactics on how to build great performing websites and create SEO content.



If you are looking for a smart and cost-effective way to increase your website traffic, without spending a fortune, you should definitely consider to hire a SEO Coach and to learn how to do SEO by yourself. The benefits resulting from such a coaching are a true enrichment to your business in the long term run.

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