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Starting a Business in the United States by Tom Senkus

Author’s Bio: Born and raised in the United States, Tom Senkus seeks to share his knowledge on how international and domestic businesses can gain a business presence in the US. For more information about his list of writing services and creative output, visit his website at
If you’ve considered starting a business venture in the United States as a foreign national, you may be wondering if there’s a more modern way to do so. The truth is, there a number of great guides on how to start a business in the United States already; to reiterate them would be redundant.

Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a Business in the US
However, what these guides tend to leave out is that there are a number of obstacles from the get-go. For instance, once you’ve filed the requisite documents and have been luckily approved for visas, you still have to contend with setting up a physical brick & mortar presence, which includes:

  • Leasing property
  • Hiring staff and management
  • Investing capital before making a profit
  • Following regulations from federal, state, county, and city legislation (including licenses and permits)

Is there a way to do this remotely and with greater efficiency? The answer is yes, with virtual phone numbers. Thanks to the advancements in cloud computing, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), businesses can create virtual business entities (“virtual locations” and “virtual offices”) that create a business presence in the United States without the aforementioned costs and risks (this is particularly important if you run a startup or have limited capital).
Let’s take a look at how virtual phone numbers can help you start a new business in the United States.
Virtual Phone Numbers
Considering that nearly 95% of Americans own a smartphone or mobile device, it’s natural to conclude that the key to getting in touch with them is by phone. Of course, not every American has the ability to receive calls originating outside of the country, due to restrictions from their service provider or simply by preference (Note: some Americans may not even pick up the phone for a call originating outside of their state, as well).
So, the solution is virtual phone numbers, which can match the country code (+1) and the area code that corresponds to their region or city. When a virtual phone number is dialed, the call is routed through the Internet and seamlessly sent to another phone number (the “destination phone number”) anywhere in the world. The recipient perceives the call as originating in the United States and conducts business just as any other phone call. On the opposite end, if your business decides to use virtual phone numbers coupled with an add-on known as “outbound calling,” your call will appear on the call recipient’s caller ID as your virtual phone number of choice.
From there, it is up to your business to use virtual office/ location strategies, like a fully integrated e-commerce website or online transaction processing to do business. Similarly, your business should implement localization strategies to further blend into the desired US markets, such as using a corresponding area code to the area you’re calling, or by offering toll free numbers for professional authenticity. In fact, your business doesn’t even have to change its phone numbers or inbound call center procedures to begin processing calls from United States citizens and businesses. This means significantly reduced overheads and training for your current employees.
In essence, virtual phone numbers serve as the gateway to doing business in the United States without being in the United States. With virtual phone numbers, you can access all 50 states in the United States, as well as its territories in the North American Numbering Plan.
However, virtual phone numbers come in a variety of types, which can open up new possibilities for your business. Consider subscribing with a trusted service provider, like United World Telecom ( to ensure that you have access to the most available options and add-ons.
Which Virtual Phone Numbers to Choose for my US business?
There are the vast variety of virtual phone numbers available to subscribers.
For instance, using US Toll Free Numbers can give your business a professional brand-image and authority that US customers respond to. Similarly, you can use vanity phone numbers to enhance your brand awareness and marketing ability. Local access numbers, as mentioned before, can be targeted to cities where you want to do business. And when coupled with add-ons, like “call recording” or “time of day routing,” your business can benefit from adding new dimensions to your current customer service potential.

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