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Steps to Writing a Good Essay

Writing essays might just be the most dreading part for any student, and this is where the mark of grading falls in for all subjects. Whether it is for college admission, a scholarship, or a test, essays are always required to test the qualification level and written expression of students. Because of this reason, we can say that writing a good essay is one of the most important skills to learn for a student. Following are some basic steps which can help you write a good essay. These have been observed from the works of the best essay service.


  1. Choose or Specify a Topic for Your Essay.

If you have been given a topic for the essay, you need to specify the subtopics you need to focus on as well as to pick your stance on it. If you do not have a topic, then choosing a good topic matters a lot. Pick something you have interest in or seems relevant to your purpose. Once you have chosen the topic, research about the topic, find validation for your arguments and think about the persuasion you will use.


  1. Create a Mind Map for Your Thoughts

For writing a good essay, you need to organize your thoughts in the form of a flow chart, or a mind map. You can create a rough diagram for yourself or a table of contents; whatever suits you best. Jot down your ideas, organize and sequence your thoughts. Organizing the information in your mind gives you a structure to follow for the essay.


  1. Write a Thesis Statement

Thesis statement defines the reader about your stance on the topic and the reason of choosing the topic for an essay. Usually, it consists of two things: First that states about the topic, and the second defines the point of your essay.


  1. Begin with a Good Introduction

It is important to write an intriguing introduction to grab the attention of the reader. You can use any facts, a summary of your topic, or even a quote. The introduction should be relevant to your thesis statement.


  1. Write the Body of the Essay

With the help of your mind map, you can now easily write down the body of the essay. Explain your ideas, justify your points. For each idea, define a separate paragraph to organize the essay in sections.


  1. Don’t Forget to Write a Conclusion for Your Essay

In the conclusion, you can sum up your ideas about the argument you just presented in the essay and state simple sentences about how everything is relevant to each other. You can summarize the essay at the end as well along with mentioning your thesis statement.


  1. Proofread and Review Your Essay

Once you are done with the conclusion, the essay has not been finished yet. You need to review your essay, re-read the paragraphs, review their sequencing, look for spelling errors etc. to make sure there are no mistakes. It is also recommended to use character counter with spaces to help you keep track of the words, characters, and sentences you use in a text.

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