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SunJack 20W+2x8000mAh Battery

It’s impossible to imagine the life today without our phones, tablets, and other devices. The current mobile devices have the incredible abilities but consume more and more energy. The increase of performance negatively affects the speed of discharge, so, the more we use them, the battery discharges faster. As solutions for this problem, the manufacturers from all over the world offer different types of additional external batteries and power banks.

It’s easy when you don’t go far from home since only one charging by day is enough to use the phone or tablet all day. But, surely, you are familiar with this situation: you are away from the power supply (on the beach, mountain), and you received the notification on the phone that the battery is near the end. After 20 minutes ago, you suddenly realized: you have to call the chief urgently (or colleague, friend, relative), but your battery is dead. Or you live in a place where the absent of electricity frequently happens. If you ever had any of these experiences, surely you want to have an alternative source of power or more powerful batteries.

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SunJack 20W+2x8000mAh Battery

World’s most powerful, weather-resistant 20W USB solar charger

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The SunJack helps mobile users stay charged anywhere on the move, but it’s important to be in an area where is possible to capture sun rays. The SunJack is able to be fully charged in about five ...



Solar panels

20 watts of high efficiency mono-crystalline

Max output voltage/current

One 5V/2A USB port


2 x 8,000mAh lithium-polymer battery charges in ~ 5 hours

Unit Size folded

10″ x 7.5″ x 1.75″ (25.4cm x 19cm x 4.5cm)

Unit Size unfolded

10″ x 36″ x 1″ (25.5cm x 91.5cm x 2.5cm)

Unit Weight

2.3 / 1 (lbs/kg)

Packaging Dimension

10.5″ x 8.5′ x 2″ (27cm x 22cm x 5.1cm)

It’s still summer, and a lot of warm days are in front of you, suitable for hiking or picnics. If you want to enjoy nature, not only with a phone in your hands but also with a camera, e-book, you need more capacious batteries. But, if you go on longer trips, their ergonomics is very important, so they need to be small and easy to carry. The best solution is SunJack portable solar charger, truly reliable and the most powerful on the market. SunJack 20W solar charger is a relatively new device on the market for hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, but it became very important and indispensable part of backpack’s equipment.

Unique design

The SunJack portable solar charger characterized by high efficiency and created with the expectation of use in the most extreme conditions. It’s made of multiple solar panels in a portable way. The SunJack solar charger is designed to the size of the book with dimensions 10″ x 7.5″ x 1.75″. The SunJack a perfect accessory for off-the-grid adventures, as it’s a little smaller than an iPad Air when it’s folded up. When it’s unfolded, it reaches the length of 32 inches.

The overall build quality is pretty solid and it’s easy to carry because of its weight of 2.3 lbs. Durability is another thing that users really appreciate. The solar panels will work after a car runs over it. It is also waterproof and can withstand large drops onto its corners.

One of the great features that users like on SunJack solar charger is zippered mesh pocket, added to put all your accessories in it. Developers are aware of its purpose on the field, so this is a very smart move. The pocket is exactly where the USB outputs are placed. Conveniently located metal carabiners, allow you to hang the charger on the top of the backpack, tent or on a tree to enable the best possible access to sunlight.

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Maximum power

The SunJack helps mobile users stay charged anywhere on the move, but it’s important to be in an area where is possible to capture sun rays. The SunJack is able to be fully charged in about five hours of direct sunlight.

The SunJack solar charger has the highest power output, 20 Watts, more than any portable solar charger ever made. Multiple solar panels, which are sewn into a foldable carrying case, can absorb so much energy to charge two large integrated batteries of 8000 mAh. The charging also works in the shade, but it will take much more time to full charge. You can see how much the batteries are charged as both of them have a LED flashlight on the top. The SunJack 20W solar charger has two 5V/2A USB outputs to deliver the power and it’s able to charge a pair of devices simultaneously. It’s better to charge high-powered devices on USB port labeled “2” which provides 2A of charge because port “1” provides less-powerful 1A charge. Each of two 8,000mAh lithium-polymer batteries also have their USB ports. Another useful feature is that both batteries have its five bright LEDs, which show the level of charging. One LED light represents 20% of battery capacity and when the battery is full, all LEDs will be turned on. Another useful feature is the built-in LED flashlight, which is very helpful to use in emergencies. To turn on the LED light, simply hold down the button on the top of the battery. When the sun is not shining, you can still charge your device from SunJack powerful batteries that hold enough power to charge your iPhone 4-5 times with the capacity of one battery.

SunJack 20W-3

There is a possibility to charge your devices directly from solar panels, but from experiences of many users, it’s better to use panels to charge batteries included in SunJack set, and then use the accumulated power to charge your devices. Also, it’s better for your devices, because the display of your iPhone or iPad can be exposed to the direct sunlight and that’s not good.

Founders of SunJack solar charger explained how they succeeded to optimize filling up the batteries. They said it’s like be able to get more water from your faucets. Sun Jack solar charger has the ability to get much more electrons that any other solar charger on the market, so you get the charging speed like from the wall outlet.

The main difference from similar solar chargers is the optimization of SunJack’s solar elements. Thanks to the sophisticated technology, the speed of the battery charge has been increased, which automatically increased the efficiency. Also indicated that mono-crystalline solar cells used in this charger will be capable of delivering up to 80% of its full capacity even after a quarter of a century from the beginning of the use and at least 1000 cycles.

Technical Specifications

Solar panels: 20 watts of high efficiency mono-crystalline / Max output voltage/current: One 5V/2A USB port / Battery: 2 x 8,000mAh lithium-polymer battery charges in ~ 5 hours / Unit Size folded: 10″ x 7.5″ x 1.75″ (25.4cm x 19cm x 4.5cm) / Unit Size unfolded: 10″ x 36″ x 1″ (25.5cm x 91.5cm x 2.5cm) / Unit Weight: 2.3 / 1 (lbs/kg) / Packaging Dimension: 10.5″ x 8.5′ x 2″ (27cm x 22cm x 5.1cm) /

Easy to use

So, using the SunJack solar charger is very simple, you just need to unfold the solar panels and put them in the right place where is the best possible approach to sunlight. When you’re on hiking, it’s the best to hang the charger on your backpack, or when you’re on camping, place the charger on the top of your tent.

SunJack 20W-4

The charging process is also very simple. Just connect your phone with the USB cable to one of the outputs and if the SunJack battery is fully charged, wait a few hours. It’s also simple to charge the phone directly from the SunJack, except you can’t see the level of sunlight because the solar panels don’t have any indicators for it. But it’s not a problem, just check the battery level on your phone before the charging starts.

Super-satisfied users

Campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts really amazed with the SunJack portable solar charger. The compact design and quality materials left the strongest impression. The size of the SunJack charger is also really appreciated because it takes a little space and that’s very important. The innovative charging, directly from the solar panels, duplicates the amount of available power as there is also a pair of very capacious batteries to ensure you can charge any device you’re carrying on your trip.

Great price

Deals from:

SunJack 20W+2x8000mAh Battery

Excellent Portable Solar Charger

SunJack 20W Portable Solar Charger with 2x8000mAh Fast-Charge Batteries

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Having started as a KickStarter project in 2014. , SunJack is now the most powerful portable solar charger in the world, available on Amazon for 170 dollars. You can also buy a lot of additional accessories, weatherproof sleeve, for example, to enhance its durability. We highly recommend this product as it’s an outstanding deal and the best device that you can have for this price. Check out for more information.

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