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The THC Solution and Your Webhosting Needs

Online life has drastically altered the way people consume information in our world today. It all began decades ago with basic internet and reached a mass consumer level in the 90s. Today the social media world is constantly altering how we consume information and how businesses market and sell to their customers.

We tend to take these things for granted, but there is something behind the scenes that keeps all these elements in operation. This element is known as web hosting. Web hosts are organizations that lease and/or sell server space to people so that they can host websites on them for personal and/or business use.

Webhosting started to become popular in the early 90s with services such as GeoCities and Angelfire. These services allowed private individuals to set up their own personal webpages. This rise of personal website creation rose in parallel with personal internet use in general, and these two things together helped the growth of internet usage around the world. One of the many cool fun facts we know is that over half of the world’s population uses the internet. 

THC is a modern-day solution to all your webhosting needs. Pricing starts at $1.95/month – this plan allows you to host a website and receive a number of perks including a hosted web domain, 5 email accounts linked to your site, a tool to build your site, DDoS site protection (this will protect you against anyone who tries to hack your site). The pricing plans go up from there, and higher plans will get your more benefits and sites.

One of the best parts of hosting with is its 24/7 support offered to customers. A lot of new webhosting clients don’t understand everything about hosting and have a lot of questions. THC helps you answer the questions, and you’ll be able to access this support for as long as your host with THC.

Do you need marketing help with your site as well? THC offers that service too! They help with SEO optimization as well, helping you get business leads, get a higher sales conversion rate, and a lot of other things related to the marketing process. We have article and content writers on staff that help you with website content needs, which will in turn retain clients and increase your sales.

Another benefit of partnering with is that you can be an affiliate and earn even more money. If your customers sign up with THC via a hosting link on your website, you’ll get commissions for as long as they keep hosting with them. A 20% commission is earned for the first 5 sales, then between 6-10 sales you get 25%, and an increase from there.

If your business needs a cost-effective, high-quality webhosting solution, look no further than THC. It will help your business reach the world with both content and marketing/promotion. They’re the best webhosting solution today and will continue to grow for the years to come. Reach out to them today to learn more about how they can help you and your business!

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