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Why Third Party Phishing Protection for Office 365 Matters

The user base of Office 365 has skyrocketed in recent times. Microsoft’s cloud based Office 365 first outperformed Google Apps back in the year 2015 and has constantly grown in popularity. With hundreds of millions of people using Office 365, the application has failed to provide its users with optimal cybersecurity. Although cloud-based technology such as Office 365 tends to be more secure as compared to on-premises solution, it still lacks in the level of security needed. Since there is a rise in cyber attacks, it is crucial for users to rely on Office 365 (phishing protection).

Emails are a common threat. Even a small attachment might seem harmless but is used for cybercriminals to hack an organization’s entire system. Despite the fact that Office 365 offers users its Advanced Threat Protection add-on through ATP in Office 365, users still need to use phishing protection office 365 as it a comprehensive third-party solution which compensates for all of the structural issues which Office 365 fails to address. The following are some of the reasons why office 365 phishing protection is crucial.

  1. Open for Attacks

When it comes to Office 365 it is always open to phishing attacks, business email compromises scams, and email-based threats. Market research shows that the average losses of Office 365 email scams cost businesses about $2 million. Cybercriminals look for ways to defraud organizations using phish point attack. Thus, Office 365 Phishing Protection is necessary for office 365 email protection.

  1. Insufficient Native ATP

Even though Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is offered to Office 365 users as a standalone service, it only offers some protection with ATP against hidden threats, attachments, and phishing messages. It is not sufficient for protection office 365 as it has certain limitations. Office 365 Phishing can only be stopped by using third-party apps as they help augment the Office 365 security. ATP scans links and attachments. However, the scan is not effective when it comes to whaling and fraud messages. Hence, the need for businesses to opt for office 365 anti phishing software rather than to rely on ATP scans. Damages cannot be avoided by the native control of Office 365. Hackers use sophisticated techniques like social engineering tricks as they have an understanding of human psychology.

  1. Cloud Email Security

If you are thinking about How to Stop Phishing on Office 365, then you need to use third party phishing protection. It is designed from origin for increasing the benefits of scalability, economics, and cloud technology. Thus, the native security can be augmented for phishing protection. It helps deter attacks and provides advanced control which help detect and defend the system from phishing attacks. Phishing protection for Office 365 evaluates the attack surface for phishing and malware links by leveraging machine language to provide individualized email protection.



Third party phishing Protection for Office 365 truly matters in the digital age of today. As hackers use sophisticated techniques, it is crucial that businesses take advantage of phishing software protection programs to protect their system.

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