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Tik Tok – Changing the Way your Social Media Works

TikTok is a social media app which allows users to watch, share and create videos, sometimes even to a music track of the greatest hits directly from your phone for free. Initially, it came out as the app in the U.S. but later, it was rebranded in August 2018 when the two apps merged. Tik Tok has more than 100 million users and it is extremely popular today so you won’t be surprised to find your kid obsessing over this new app looking for ways to get more TikTok views!

What is TikTok?

This is a social networking app for sharing different videos generated by the users in which people are mostly lip-synching to famous songs. Users are able to watch, create and even upload their lip-synching videos, as well as videos of themselves dancing, singing or simply talking. You may even browse to interact with content uploaded by other users that covers a diverse range of songs, topics and styles. Such videos can even be grouped together using hashtags. These often relate to different memes or challenges.

How Does TikTok Work?

To begin using Tik Tok, you need to sign up with your email address, phone number, Instagram or even Facebook. Once you’ve logged in, you may then move on to searching for the popular categories (sports, animals, and comedy), creators, as well as hashtags to explore videos on the app. You may also use your followers on social media or the contacts on your phone you to look for your friends that may have already joined the app. Many people love to create and share their videos. However, some people simply use TikTok to follow different content creators instead of posting themselves.

Is TikTok Safe to Use?

It is actually risky to use any kind of social media platforms today. However, there are options for kids to use the app safely with adult supervision, as well as setting a private account instead of a public one. As soon as you log in to TikTok, your account is set to public by default. This means that anyone can easily view your videos, message you, of even use the information about your location. Parents must supervise and ensure that all the privacy settings have been switched on for your kids’ accounts. This way only those people that you know personally may interact with you on your videos or even directly message you. You may choose a private account or you may change the account settings for your duets, comments, reactions or even messages to “Friends” from “Everyone.” These features may also be turned off completely.


There are more than 1 billion videos that people watch on TikTok every single day. Therefore, it is sensible to say that this app continues to propagate exponentially. Although it’s too early for the app to be able to surpass other platforms like Instagram and FaceBook, it’ll be rather ignorant to neglect the rapid growth, as well as market potential of TikTok.

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