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Tips for Selecting Solar Deck Lights

Are you thinking of installing solar deck lights? Deck lights are a wonderful way to bring an aesthetic and appealing touch to your space. In present years, solar lights are gaining popularity. This is because it is environmentally friendly as natural resources will not be used. It will reduce energy bill and usage. The solar-powered deck lights are an easy and wonderful way to light the pathway at night. There are various ways through which you can bring a welcoming and bright look to your house.

A wonderful feature of the solar deck lights is that they will charge during the day and will light up the path at night. The bigger solar panel you have, the brighter the light will be. When you install solar deck lights, you will be enhancing the safety and keep your family protected on the deck. Another great reason for investing in the solar deck light is it requires minimal maintenance.

In this article, we have listed the top tips for choosing solar deck lights. Have a look!

Types of Solar Deck Lights

There are different types of deck lights that you can install in your house.

  • Solar deck post lights
  • Solar deck rail lights
  • Solar deck step lights
  • Solar deck flush mount

Tips for Buying the Best Solar Deck Light

There are many factors that you need to consider when buying solar deck lights. Here are some of the things you need to focus on.

The brightness of the Deck Lights

When you are looking for quality solar deck lights, you would want to have a bright light. For determining the brightness of the light, you must focus on the lumens. Keep in mind, you don’t have to go for high lumens, 15 to 30 lumens are more than enough to brighten up the deck.

Batteries of the Lights

Another factor that you should pay attention to the is batteries of the light. Though the solar panels are charged through the sunlight, the power to provide electricity is stored in the batteries. Mostly, the batteries of the light will last for 2 years. There are some lights that can last for many years. So, it is crucial to focus on the batteries of the light.

Number of Lights

Having a beam flashing light on the deck can be a nuisance if it blinds people. This is why when installing solar deck lights, you need to consider how many lights you should get. You want to keep everyone safe and not want them to stumble over things. So, consult a professional to determine the right number of lights you should install.

How Long Will They Last?

The number of hours of illumination depends on the sunlight it received. On average a solar deck light can illuminate the space from 6 to 15 hours.

In the end, install the solar deck lights and add value and beauty to your house. Express your style by enhancing the look of your house with deck lights.



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