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Tips and Tricks to Become a Master of Microsoft Word

It just so happened that students often have to use MS Word to write scientific and technical reports. During the university years, they are faced with the use of this program almost daily. However, many do not know how to use half the functions of  an office application and therefore encounter problems such as wrong paper format or spelling errors, which in consequence leads to a poor assessment. However, such unpleasant situations can be avoided by ordering a paper on the essay writing service. In principle, the basic skills in MS Word are enough to write a memo or an explanatory note, but when a person starts writing an essay, a scientific and technical report or writing a book in the same way, such work, because of the need to regularly edit the previously written, quickly becomes torture. And the same torture becomes text editing by a person who knows how to work in MS Word, after corrections made by a person who does not know how to work in it. That is why we offer you to read the important tips on working in MS Word provided in this article and forget about the problems associated with this program.

  1. It is Necessary to Work in the Editing Mode or “Display all Characters” Mode (Ctrl + *)

This should be done for the simple reason that otherwise you simply will not see many service signs that are required for the correct orientation of the document and the correct understanding of what a particular place in the document is (a list, body text or heading). You will also not understand that in this mode there is such an important and useful thing as an inextricable space (Shift + Ctrl + Space) or line feed without creating a new paragraph (Shift + Enter).

  1. “Insert page break” Function (Ctrl + Enter).

A document with a bunch of blank lines looks disgusting and opens differently in different versions of MS Word (you run the risk of not seeing the beginning of a new portion of text where you planned it, and the number of pages may also vary).

  1. Use of Styles (Alt + Ctrl + Shift + s).

It is practically impossible to work without the Styles panel constantly open in MS Word because it contains classes that make up the structure of the future document that allow you to create a self-assembled table of contents and edit similar report elements at the same time by editing the properties of the assigned style.

  1. Master the Lists

It should be noted right away that ordinary bulleted and numbered lists, due to their primitiveness and limited scope (there is no connection with the table of contents, it is impossible to redefine the numbering principle) can only be used to create lists inside sections that are not involved in the formation of the main document structure. However, it’s still a good start in learning to master lists.


MS Word is an important and necessary program in our world and it is definitely worth mastering. Yes, this is not a matter of one day, and to understand all its features you need to go a long way, but the main thing is to start. We hope our article helped you clarify some aspects of using MS Word and you are one step closer to the status of the king of formatting.

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