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Top 10 Study Apps You Need On Your Laptop

Digital tools exist to make our lives easier, so why not take advantage of that opportunity? Your studying habits can change if you arm your laptop with helpful study apps. With the right apps, you will learn more efficiently and invest less time in tackling the assignments.

If you wish to test the benefits of technology and how it can enhance your academic success, add these apps and services to your laptop.

1. MyHomework

Use this student planner app to organize and schedule your assignments. You won’t ever forget to do your homework, as the app will send due date reminders. MyHomework allows you to create a schedule of tasks, projects, tests, exams, and more. Keeping an eye on your requirements will help you organize your study time better.

2. Wolfram Alpha

The AI-powered app, Wolfram Alpha, can give you answers to any inquiry with its built-in knowledge base. This tool is the master for math, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, economy, and astronomy-related topics. Use Wolfram Alpha to find:

  • Statistics
  • Formulas
  • Units
  • Data analysis
  • Scientific explanations on certain subjects

For every question, you’ll get a specific answer followed by a step-by-step explanation.

3. Evernote

Disorganized notes will waste your time and lower your study focus. The solution for this is Evernote. Use this app to write lessons, make audio recordings, scan documents, or save any relevant web pages—whether those are research websites or services that write papers for money online. Download Evernote on your laptop and phone and sync the devices to access the notes at any time.

4. Cold Turkey

Students’ productivity is negatively affected by distracting social media apps, games, messages, and notifications. Cold Turkey can ensure that you stop procrastinating and maintain discipline while studying. Use the app to block all distracting apps until your set study time expires.

5. Google Drive

Download the Google Drive app to your laptop for easy access to all the materials you add to this cloud storage. Save sheets, files, essay drafts, presentations, or any other study papers. The app also enables synching and sharing, so your collaboration with peers and teachers will be streamlined.

6. Grammarly

Grammar and spelling errors in essays will lower your grade. Download Grammarly to your laptop and you won’t have to worry about that. When you need to proofread essays or even emails you send to teachers, turn on Grammarly. The app is perfect for editing and proofreading any kind of writing. It also provides suggestions for correction that will help you hone your writing skills along the way.

7. EDrawMind

Mind mapping can increase your memory skills, critical thinking, and productivity. It can also help you understand complex concepts. If you want to give mind mapping a try, use EDrawMind. The app has a simple interface, but it also allows you to get creative with backgrounds, and changing colors and themes.

8. Anki

Memorizing facts, formulas, and long lists can be easier with Anki. The app allows you to create flashcards for any subject—math, language, geography, or the law. You’ll be able to master lessons faster, as flashcards help you engage in an active recall. Anki is often listed as one of the top apps for online learning. It is an easy-to-use tool, so you can make your set of cards in no time.

9. Polar

Polar is a digital bookshelf that will keep all your reading materials in one place. Add the required books, biology textbook, sociology essay examples, or any other document. You can sync Polar with Anki flashcards and use their functionalities simultaneously.

10. Todoist

To-do lists are great motivational tools as they direct your focus on the goal. When you cross off an item from the list, the sense of accomplishment will enhance your motivation to learn. So, use the Todoist app to create your lists of obligations. You can make different to-do lists for homework, exams to-do, or daily chores.

Final Thoughts

The variety of learning tools allows you to pick those that you need the most. Whether you want to organize notes, get help with writing essays, or memorize biology terms fast, these tools can make that happen.


Melony Hart is an experienced writer and content editor. She has been actively engaged in the education industry through research and writing scientific papers. Her expertise in writing led her to different writing projects including marketing, business, technology, and others. Melony aspires to provide students with quality information through her informative posts.

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