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Top Five Picks from the Best Security Cameras

When it comes to security cameras, the ideal choice is to go for the best ones in the market. Although they might weigh heavy on your pocket, they might be an investment for your home security; leading you to discount in home insurance. Here are some of the best security cameras and their features, as listed by video nadzor cene.


1. Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro is the best security camera in the market according to our research and experience. The camera is wireless, has no power cords to untangle and is one of the most versatile security cameras. The camera works perfect indoors as well as outdoors meaning that no matter what the environment, you will get a clear picture- in the rain, dark, sunlight etc. The camera works on an easy setup process, so you don’t have to worry about that part, and consists of smart home integration feature as well.


2. Wyze Cam Pan

This camera might be little, but it works more efficiently than many. In just 3 seconds, the Wyze Cam Pan can scan the entire room for you with a full 360-degree coverage. You can adjust this camera easily according to the pan scan feature you want. It comes with motion detection as well, so in case there is some movement in the room, the camera will follow the motion! Isn’t that cool? This camera is very reasonable in terms of cost, but there is one little drawback- you will have to learn to live with the power cord.


3. Canary All-in-One Indoor Security Camera

The Canary All-in-one Indoor security camera features sensors and a siren. This isn’t just a small camera, it is packed with versatile features including climate monitor, and a direct connection to the emergency services for quick response to unfortunate incidents. It even offers you integration feature with Alexa- you can connect them for better security!


4. Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera

Most people prefer the wireless security cameras, and Frontpoint Premium is one of the best picks when it comes to wireless indoor cameras. These are stylish, these are safe, and provide a Bluetooth connectivity feature to connect with other users in just a single touch. The camera also features digital pan that lets you scan through the entire room, zoom in the spaces you want to focus on. The camera consists of built-in Bluetooth speakers and features motion detection personalization as well.


5. Ring Spotlight Cam

The Ring Spotlight Camera is best for surveillance of the exterior space of your home, although it can be installed indoors as well. This is a wireless camera that runs on rechargeable battery and comes in a solar version as well. There is an additional feature in the camera- a spotlight- which makes the intruder conscious. The Ring Spotlight Cam has motion-activated sensors, and able to integrate with the smart home systems easily. Users can even connect with the visitors through the camera, which marks its versatility.

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