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Top Five Stretching Exercises to Grow Taller

Stretching every day and exercising is one of the most effective ways to grow healthy. However, if you focus on stretching exercises specifically, they can help you to grow taller. The only catch is to do these exercises regularly to achieve notable results. Jason Yoon the founder of Height Maximizer recommends after school activities and stretching for better health and growth.


1. Hanging:

Hanging is one of the best stretching exercises that is not only excellent for your posture, spinal cord as well as for your height. There are multiple opinions on this by people whether this theory about hanging to increase height is true or not, but it does help stretch your muscles which suspends your weight into the air and the pull of gravity pulls you down.

How can you do this exercise?  It’s more like a game. You just have to set a daily routine. For instance, you can set just 10 minutes to hang from a bar every day. Within three months, you can see notable results.


2. Playing Basketball

You must have noticed how most basketball players are so tall. Is it that they just hire tall players on the team or do they grow tall while training and playing? The correct answer is the second one. Being athletic gives you the edge to be more physically healthy and grow more than normal individuals. Basketball involves jumps, dunks, swivels so the players on the team gain inches at a faster rate. This is because both of your hands also get involved in dribbling the ball, it helps in stretching your arms equally and the jumps and dunks help to grow taller.


3. Pilates:

Pilates is a type of roll over exercise that helps in stretching your spine which elongates your vertebrae of the neck. It is an easy stretching exercise. You just have to lie on your back with your arms along your sides, and palms facing down. Keep your legs together and extend them straight towards the ceiling and bend them backwards so they are in contact with the floor. This might seem hard at first, but it gets better with routine. Remember, the more you stretch, the more your spine will grow hence your height is increased.


4. Spot Exercises:

For most of us, it can be hard to hit the gym every day. So, an easy alternative to this is to just lay on a yoga mat and do some exercise with our hands free of strain. This includes squats, basic stretches and twists. You can try touching your fingertips to you toes while keeping your knees straight. It stretches your back and strengthens your abdomen as well.


5. Cobra Pose:

The Cobra Pose is a famous stretching exercise. You can start with lying on your stomach and very slowly try to lift your upper body. Try to remain in this position as much as your body allows, and then repeat. Doing this regularly will add more time and more strength as well as increase your height.


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