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Top Multifunctional Furniture Pieces for a Modern Home

When it comes to furniture for a modern home, practicality and functionality are crucial. We live in a world of tight spaces. Rather than having to buy two or more pieces of the furniture, it is always better to get a single piece that can provide you with sufficient storage and functionality. This post shares the top multifunctional furniture pieces for every modern home. Let’s take a look at these amazing pieces.

  1. A One-Stop for All Your Needs in the Entryway

Get a shelf that has plenty of hooks to store everything in the entryway. The rack will help ensure that the entryway remains uncluttered. Only the essentials should be kept in the shelf.

  1. An Extendable Dining Table

One of the hottest modern furniture pieces that you need to get is an extendable dining table. You can fold down its side to turn the table into a console or desk. You can extend it to create the perfect casual dining setting. Its angular legs offer a modern twist.

  1. A Mirror Which Holds Jewellery

Nothing is more multifunctional than a mirror that holds jewellery. Get a glimpse of how you look while going through your accessories. Instead of getting a hanging mirror armoire, a mirror that holds jewellery ensures that all your jewellery is in place.

  1. A Stunning Futon for Guests That You Can Also Sleep On

To continue with this post on multifunctional furniture, a futon is perfect for hosting guests and sleeping on. It tends to be small and you can easily store it. Besides, it is available in a wide range colours and prints. Offering three different configurations, it accommodates sleeping, lounging, and sitting. Measuring just 75 inches in length and 31 inches in width, you can never go wrong with a futon.

  1. A Versatile, Sturdy Ottoman

Although ottomans look small, they are surprisingly spacious from the inside. Thus, they are ideal for holding extra sheets and blankets. You can prop your feet on them, sit, or let kids jump on them as they will hold up with everything.

  1. A Storage Bench with Baskets

Another great multifunctional furniture item that is well-suited for all types of homes is a storage bench that comes with built-in baskets. You can take advantage of the storage space to store supplies, slippers, magazines, towels, toys, and just about everything. Sit on the bench to tie your shoes.

  1. A Cocktail Dining Set

No home is complete without a cocktail dining set. It can be placed in the living room. You can use it as a living room coffee table, a cocktail table, and a functional dining table.

  1. A Platform Storage Bed

Finally, you need to consider getting a platform storage bed. There is no reason to waste all that precious space under the bed. Boasting six drawers or more, the bed provides you with a ton of space.


If you are interested in getting multifunctional furniture to make the most of your precious space, you should head over to Furniture Store in Montreal. The furniture store has all the items that you could possibly need.

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