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Top Tips To Help You With Your Love Life

Not everybody is blessed with a healthy and happy love life. In fact, statistics suggest that more people are living lives of involuntary celibacy than ever before in known history. Young people seem not to be having sex, getting married or entering serious relationships. Sadly experts say the uptick in involuntary celibacy is due to people’s addictions to the internet. Addiction to the internet can be very harmful both mentally and physically.

If you have an unhealthy and unsatisfying love life, this post has you covered. Here are some tips you can use to improve it:

Using Dating Applications

Individuals who are inexperienced sexually can benefit from using dating sites. More specifically, they should use hookup apps to get laid and build their confidence. Hookup apps are a category of dating apps that cater exclusively to singles looking for sex with no strings attached. You typically do have to pay a small subscription fee to use these sites but you get a lot out of them. Hookup apps are distinct from ordinary dating apps in that they are only ever used by people looking for casual sex and not to find relationships.

The reason that using hookup apps can benefit you is that not only will they put you in contact with people of the same or opposite sex that you are interested in which allows you to build your conversational skills but they can also give you experience in bed. Because arrangements are made quite quickly after talking to people through these apps, you can meet your matches in a hotel, have sex and then never speak to them again if you do not want to. The speed with which people meet means you don’t have to worry about building a bond and then ditching somebody (or vice versa).

Hiring A Sex Coach

Sex coaches are more popular than ever right now. In the introduction to this post, mention was made of the huge numbers of young people living lives of involuntary celibacy; however, something more shocking than that is that in addition to young people who are involuntarily celibate, there are massive numbers of people living lives of voluntary celibacy. Many of these individuals are now turning to sex coaches to help build their experience up, get some confidence and learn to have sex like a pro.

You might think that sex coaches help only with the physical act of lovemaking but that is not true at all; sex coaches also help with getting people to have sex with you, building relationships and approaching men or women in the street. The only downside to hiring such a coach is that more often than not they charge obscene amounts of money for their services. If you are truly desperate and want an expert’s advice and guidance, however, their fees are worth paying. You won’t have to worry about living a sexless life again after seeing one.

Explaining Your Situation

If you have a few sexual partners who know that you underperform in bed then rather than reaching out to third parties or people you do not know, ask them to tell you what you do wrong and ask for advice on improving in bed. Getting some guidance on how to improve from the people closest to you will be a much more comforting and intimate experience than hiring a coach could ever be. Only speak to people that you are comfortable sharing your feelings with for advice so you do not get your feelings hurt.

This section should be caveated with the following information, however: Never tell a person you have just met on a hookup app or who you have convinced to go to bed with you that you are not confident and do not know what you are doing. Such admissions can make people think twice about having sex with you. Nobody wants to have sex with somebody who is inexperienced unless they already have a strong bond with that person. It is better to tell your closest lovers and friends or sex coaches than it is a stranger from a dating website.

Having Lots of Sex

Having lots of sex is probably the best way to build your confidence in bed and knowledge of sex, for obvious reasons; however, having lots of sex also comes with risks and downsides. When you have a lot of casual sex you are at a higher risk of developing STDs and STIs than other members of the public are. If you plan on going bar crawling or cruising then make sure that you wear protection. If you can, try to only have sex with people who you are confident do not have any illnesses, infections or diseases.

When you are having sex with people try and detach yourself so you can pay attention to how you are performing rather than the feeling of sex itself. Watching how you perform will help you to identify issues and problems that need to be resolved. In addition to identifying any issues detaching yourself from sex will also help you to last for longer; if you are not focusing so much on what sex feels like then you will be able to pay more attention to pleasing your partner and lasting for as long as you can during the act.

Paying for An Escort’s Help

One last thing to consider is hiring an escort. Escorts are professional sex workers who are paid to please their customers. You can find escorts of all types and looks so you do not have to worry about not being able to find somebody who gets you off. Provided escorting is legal in your country, it is a good way of satisfying your urges and desires. Escorts will not judge, ridicule or laugh at you. If you ask them to give you advice then they will. As it is their job to be good at sex their advice is helpful for obvious reasons.

Sex is not something that many members of the public are very good at having; the average person underperforms in bed. Most men specifically leave their partners unsatisfied and craving more. If you want to have a better love life and please your partners take the guidance given here and start working on yourself. Improving in bed will lead to happier and more fulfilling interactions. Sex is great when you are good at it and it can really improve your general life satisfaction.

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