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Important Information About Trading In Your Xbox Gaming Console


The introduction of the Xbox One X is one of the most exciting things to happen in the gaming industry for a long time. According to Microsoft, it is the most powerful console currently available in the world. Regardless of whether you have an Xbox One or an Xbox One S, it is only natural to want to upgrade to the latest system.


Before you jump in and fork out a lot of money for a new console, you may want to think about trading in your old version. Regardless of which model you have, you can make a fairly substantial amount of money through a trade-in program. We did a little bit of research for you to find out what both older models are currently worth.


After checking out five different resale companies, we discovered that you can bring in anywhere from about $75-$190 for either your Xbox One or your Xbox One S. The amount of money that you can make depends a lot on the specific model that you have including its color, overall condition, and storage capacity. Any external accessories that you have will also affect the price.


Based on our research, the highest prices came from Decluttr. Although Walmart’s prices weren’t the lowest, they did have some inconsistencies in terms of the pricing for both the 500 GB and 1TB Xbox One models. They also don’t have any current information on values for the Xbox One S.


Even though Best Buy didn’t offer the highest prices overall, they do accept a lot more models than some of the other companies. They also had one of the best rates if you wish to sell xBox one


If you want to get more money for your console, you should take a look at Amazon or GameStop since they usually have higher trade-in values. On Amazon, you need to be aware that the trade-in price varies depending on the storage capacity, color, and bundle. At GameStop or Best Buy, on the other hand, you will get the same amount of money regardless of the color of the console.


The trade-in values that we have listed are the maximum values provided by these retailers. They are typically reserved for consoles that are in like-new condition without any dents or scratches. You may be able to qualify for more money if your Xbox is equipped with the Kinect sensor. Depending on the retailer, you may need to include the power cord, controller, and other accessories along with the trade-in. Make sure to read the fine print carefully before deciding which company you want to work with.


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