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Types of Laptops

Laptops have become highly demanded and popular in last few years among different sorts of users. Be it students, working professionals or average users, there are different laptops for everyone. It is important to understand the types of laptops available in the market to get an idea as to which one to buy and why. Also, every type of laptop has its own set of pros and cons and so it is crucial to determine your needs and budget and accordingly buy the best laptop for yourself.

Here we will be looking at the different types of laptops available. This guide will also help you to have a look at the factors you need to consider when buying a laptop. You can also look at Laptop Buying Guide to know how to buy the best laptop for your needs.

Tablet PC

First and foremost, tablet PC is the portable, wireless PC that has a touch screen interface. This is generally smaller than the notebook but bigger than a Smartphone. Also, tablet PCs have software application for running the virtual keyboard. But a lot of such tablet PCs also support external keyboards.

The latest tablets have various apps and high power. They are perfect for browsing the Internet, reading eBooks or playing games. They are the casual computers but have professional applications as well. These tablet PCs are highly useful and engaging and are available at affordable prices.

With in-built web browsing capacity, numerous connectivity options, multimedia, capacitive touch screen and much more, tablet PCs are featured with accelerometers that allow the users to see the display screen in landscape or portrait modes.



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Then comes the notebooks, the personal computers which forgo some functions to be light in weight and small in size. These types of laptops generally weigh less than 5 pounds or so and are small enough to be called as “notebooks”. They can be easily fitted in a briefcase or backpack. At first, notebooks were marketed specially for undertaking personal tasks like writing, emailing, entertainment as well as file management.

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Light, thin and longer-lasting are the watchwords for Ultrabooks. They are ultra portable and have thin design. When buying an Ultrabook, the very first thing that comes to mind is the screen size. There are numerous choices to select from but the majority of them have 13 inch display, although they range from 11 to 15 inches.



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Thin and light

Another category of laptops are the thin and light weight ones that are easy to carry. Such laptops are perfect for travelling. They are almost same as the regular sized ones but are actually optimized as far as size and weight are concerned. Such laptops are different when it comes to performance and price. They can easily perform most of the computing tasks on certain level.

All thanks to the advancements like Intel’s low voltage processors, you can easily buy the ultrabooks weighing as less than 3 pounds. These ultrabooks still maintain high functionality like running Windows Vista. These types of laptops have long battery life and so they are highly preferred by a number of users these days.


Thin and Light

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The midsize laptops are most preferred and demanded laptops that are not too small and not too big either. It is important that you always buy the right size of laptop. Also keep in mind that bigger is not always better. The bigger ones are heavy and thick and are so terrible when it comes to portability and travelling. So, it becomes crucial that you pay close attention to the system’s thickness and weight before making a purchase. Thus, the midsize laptops are best for average use.

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Gaming laptops are a big hit among people who are avid gamers. When buying the best gaming laptop, watch out for the graphics. In case there are not excellent graphics, your device will not be in a condition to run your favourite games. So you need to watch out on this aspect very carefully. Get the laptop with AMD Radeon graphics card.

Picture quality is another thing to look for when buying a gaming laptop. Most systems are there with 1600 x 900 or 1080p resolution. 1600 x 900 display is perfect for 14 or 15 inch device.

So, these are the basic types of laptops that you need to know about if you are really interested in buying one as per your needs and budget. You can also have a look at LapShock Store to get the best updates on latest laptops and the best prices available. Moving further, the shoppers have a choice for buying the perfect laptops as per the usage/user category like there are laptops for gamers, students, business use etc. Let’s take a close glance at this and see how to buy the best laptop.


Premium Gaming Laptop

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Laptops for working professionals

More and more employers are now allowing the employees to take work from home option and so provide portable laptops with strong processors to accomplish the professional tasks efficiently. This is beneficial for the employers as well as the employees.


Professional Laptop

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Rugged Laptops

Rugged laptops are the ones that can operate in harsh conditions like dusty environment extreme climate and even in areas that receive strong vibrations. They are bulkier and heavier in size and are even a bit more costly than their regular counterparts. Such rugged devices have rubber sheet below their keyboard keys, sealed connecting covers, passive cooling etc. and are also made from powerful magnesium alloy. These laptops are used commonly by the police, medical, fire fighting and military agencies.

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Netbooks are light in weight, cost effective and energy efficient devices that are best suited for web access as well as wireless communication. They are perfect when it comes to web based performance. The Netbooks focus mainly on web browsing and emailing. Most of the new age netbooks don’t have optical disk. They have light weight OS like Linux or Windows XP installed. Most of them also have a single memory slot that does not recognize the memory card more than 2GB.

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Desktop Replacement Laptops

Last but not least, the desktop replacement laptops are the ones that can offer all capabilities that a normal desktop does and that too with similar level of performance. These laptops are larger and heavier than the normal ones and their components are powerful and bulkier than others. Also, the operational time of the battery is short and is used as perfect alternative to the desktop computers. Some of these also use a few desktop components to enjoy better and improved performance.

There are the average users who do not care about the strong processor or flashy graphics. They do not even need extended battery life and want a laptop that can do the basic tasks like web surfing, etc while hile The study laptops are utilized by students to write papers and do the research. They have wireless internet, enabling the devices to be used at home or school/college/library etc. You will be surprised to know that there are further a few types of laptops that one can go with…

So by now you must have got an idea as to what are the different types of laptops and their top features, make sure you buy the best laptop at best rates possible. If you still have any query regarding how to buy the laptop for your needs and within your budget, have a look at this short laptop interactive buying guide at It will definitely help you to make a better and informed decision.

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