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Do UK betting sites accept Bitcoin?

The appeal of crypto currencies has subsided, but digital money is still popular among tech savvy individuals. Online gambling operators who are keen on adding Bitcoin on the list of accepted payment methods and continue to offer this alternative financial instrument. Over the years, the number of crypto currency friendly casinos and bookmakers has grown at a steady pace and the trend is still going strong. UK betting sites make no exception and many of them have created the perfect environment for punters to deposit and wager in Bitcoin.


Why do UK gambling operators accept Bitcoin?

Online casinos treat their members as royalties and they go to great lengths to meet and exceed their expectations. When Bitcoin deposits became available, they were willing to consider adding them to the lineup of existing banking options. Some of them were reluctant to make the transition to crypto currency gambling, but most were compelled to change their attitude in the wake of Bitcoin’s surge.

One of the main reasons why punters chose UK betting sites accepting Bitcoin was the enhanced privacy that digital money gambling offers. Without being impossible to trace, it offered a new layer of confidentiality that regular payment methods were lacking. In their quest for anonymity, online gamblers were willing to make compromises, just to find a casino or bookmaker that met their demands.

The most respectable UK betting sites are licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. They cater to local players and you can find out more here, but they are more than happy to accept international punters. In some countries, playing online casino games isn’t regulated, while some nations have outright banned this activity. Bitcoin provides punters from these parts of the world with a reliable way of loading their accounts and playing on real money, without breaking the law.


Players appreciate Provably Fair Games

Licensed casinos, especially those that are regulated by the UK GC can be trusted and the same can be said about the games they offer. Players who have any lingering doubts about the transparency of online gambling and fear the house edge now have the option of playing provably fair games. These are offered exclusively at Bitcoin casinos and they allow punters to verify the fairness of each game they play. This gives players the peace of mind needed to enjoy the games without suspecting foul play when they lose.

UK betting sites in the UK usually allow players to deposit in both traditional currency and Bitcoin. It is not possible to load the account in one currency and cash out in a different one, as this practice would effectively transform the gambling operator in a crypto currency exchange. A handful of online casinos and bookmakers were willing to take things even further and have removed traditional money altogether. This is a prohibitive practice, as it deprives them of the business brought by conservative players who are not yet ready to forsake classic payment methods.

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