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UX Friendly Sites – The Importance of IT

A good website has to be informative, easy to navigate, and attractive. If it is missing any of these elements, it is unlikely to attract the attention of relevant visitors. Those who visit will have trouble finding what they want, and they are likely to leave.

User experience, also known as UX, is one of the most important things to consider when designing a website. It refers to the way users interact with a website. UX is a lot like the ergonomics of a site. Websites that focus on UX are easy on the eyes, and they offer a better experience. They stand out from the competition.


More than 65 percent of site visitors will choose UX-optimized sites over plain pages. Something as simple adding a popular color to your site can improve your revenue significantly. Studies also suggest that almost 40 percent of people will leave a page if it appears to be loading slowly.

User-friendly sites rank highly on Google which holds more than 85 percent of mobile search traffic in the world. Being on the first page of Google searches can improve the visibility of a company. Only 0.78 percent of users open the second page. If you have trouble optimizing your site for user experience, consider hiring a professional designer to help.

Luckily, rolling out a user-friendly site is not difficult. All it requires is some effort in planning. Understand that a good site is about functionality just as much as looks. Accessing content should be both easy and fun.

Industries That Require User Friendliness

Positive UX is important in all industries but it is even more essential in certain industries. Here are a few of them:

The Casino Industry

In the world of online gambling, User-friendliness is everything. Gambling sites have become prolific and there is a new option every other day. Both new and older options must keep up to retain the attention of players.

User-friendly designs in the world of gambling are more developed than in most industries. Consequently, most of the sites are well-constructed and easy to navigate. Players have no trouble finding menus, payment options, and customer service buttons. The site Dreamz is an excellent example. It has a neat interface with quick loading web pages and games.

That said, casino sites with no consideration for UX are unlikely to succeed. They must be proactive in ensuring that customers get the best experiences and play with minimal glitches.

Eighty four percent of online casino players would switch to different sites for a better user experience. The gambling industry is not only user-driven but also user-focused.

The Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is one of the few ones where streamlining processes is essential. Therefore, UX will make it possible to attract customers and integrate different departments. An interactive UI/UX design may be necessary to cut the manufacturing cycle time. Identifying issues and making decisions becomes easy when the interface is reliable.

Human Resource

HR focuses on human interactions. It covers everything from the screening process to the end of interviews. Since HR departments are all about human beings, they must pay attention to their experiences right from the start.

If employees have a smooth and organized induction, it may improve their productivity and retention. Generally, good UX is a lot like good HR practices.

Integrating UX into HR processes promotes transparency, data security, and privacy.  The transparency makes it possible for employees to enjoy personalized experiences.


Restaurants have changed and UX has become more important than ever. When visiting a restaurant’s website, your experience should be just as positive as in real life. When eating out, you would typically be greeted with a warm smile and polite hostesses. They would present you with a menu and your meal of choice.

Most restaurants have evolved to offer the same in their websites. They take care of every detail and emphasize on the needs and experiences of customers. Customers no longer need to waste a lot of time looking for payment methods, menus, and other important information. The general rule is to ensure that customers enjoy the same experience on the website as in person.


The Importance of UX Friendly Sites

  1. Navigation and Load Speed

User-friendly websites are easy to navigate. They are designed with the needs of the user in mind. With the consistent growth of technology, customers want to access information fast. If your site does not provide them with the speed they need, they are likely to leave.

It is important to ensure that a website is not so slow that it bores the user. The quicker it is to navigate; the longer visitors may stay. Navigable sites will lower your bounce rate.

Ideally, the load speed of a page should be about five seconds. Visitors want fast results and if a site does not offer speed, it is easy to lose interest. Sites with heavy images have to be compressed and resized for the best results. They need regular maintenance to keep performing well.

  1. Mobile-Friendliness and Readability

UX-friendly sites are easy to read. ‘Scannability’ is one of the most important qualities of a good site. Potential customers should have an easy time looking through the site to find keywords and phrases. They should be able to identify the main points in a page within a few seconds.

The content must be relevant to the target audience, and easy to read. The best web pages and short and sweet. They aren’t filled with unnecessary details that could bore or distract the user.

Font size, font type, and color scheme are important contributors to readability as well. The text should contrast with the color on the background to promote readability. Other ways to promote readability include the use of white space, subheadings, bullets, and short paragraphs.

Most users today use their mobile devices to access the internet. Therefore, mobile-friendly sites are likely to excel. The best sites are tested on different mobile devices. They are compatible with tablets and mobile phones.

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