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What is an invoice?

Custom invoicing is quite popular amongst many business owners and freelancers. Traditionally, people have used either Microsoft Excel or Word to create invoices; however, Google Spreadsheets has recently been gaining a lot of popularity, especially for its ability to store spreadsheets directly in the cloud. This means you can now make invoices in Google Docs

On the other hand, many people resort to using invoice templates. There are countless benefits to using invoice templates as opposed to custom invoices. It helps save a lot of time and is quite helpful to those who have extended hours to work and cannot spend time making an invoice from scratch. 


Why make use of a template?

The general presumption is that a custom invoice would best suit your needs; however, that is rarely the case. Making a custom invoice is quite complicated, especially from scratch. The invoice template market is enormous. It is difficult not to find something perfectly suited for you. 

Templates come with an ordinary layout that can be customized. This results in a personalized invoice almost instantly!


Invoice templates vs. Custom invoices

An invoice is an invoice, so what is the difference between a custom one and a template? While there are significant benefits to each, it can be safely assumed that an invoice template is the better option. 


Custom invoices

Custom invoices are unlimitedly customizable. This is particularly better if your business requires a unique invoice. This way, you would have an invoice that is 100% accustomed to your needs. 

With custom invoices, you will be able to market your business more efficiently. For example, you can include little thank-you messages to clients or suggest other products or services they may be interested in. This will boost the credibility of your business and increase sales. 


Invoice templates

Templates, on the other hand, are incredibly time-saving. You do not have to design an invoice from scratch and just fill in the required information, and you’re done! This option is beneficial for newbies or people who have a heavy billing load. In such cases, a readymade template can make work a lot easier. While they are not very customizable, many templates do offer a certain degree of flexibility. 

However, there is a wide variety of templates, so it isn’t tough to find something that suits your need best. Some softwares even let you make changes to the original template to personalize.

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