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What portal development is for?

The work is carried out by highly qualified specialists. They have many years of experience in creating Internet portals. Development of portals and sites of different thematic focus and complexity is their profile.

The company’s specialists will develop a resource. It’s aimed at solving problems of an individual or general orientation. They undertake its comprehensive support. And they organize additional promotional activities. They create advertising events, etc with portal development company.

The creation of site portals implies the provision of information space. As well as the creation of conditions for communication between users. They often express their own judgments, ideas, suggestions. Intra-corporate portals are in demand today. By creating it, you can significantly simplify and speed up the process of searching for information of interest. or it’s the document flow.

The creation of an Internet portal is a complex, multi-stage process. It  ultimately allows you to conduct business in a virtual space and makes it possible to solve a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • designing an open space with useful information;
  • creating conditions for communication between users;
  • formation of a platform for the exchange of opinions between visitors.
  • In order to ensure the efficient functioning of the portal, it is filled with high-quality information about the company.

The benefits of creating a portal are obvious. The price is justified by the quality and high level of professionalism of our specialists. Today, the most demanded services can be considered the design of corporate resources. This imply the presence of a large number of subdomains and service sites. Also, we make city portals.

Depending on the area of ​​interest, specialists take into account the nuances and features. It’s done regarding the development and maintenance. We create portals of cities with high quality and thoroughness. So that such a platform could interest an audience of different statuses, ages and interests.

There are several main types of Internet portals. This differ in the structure of the information that is presented, and the orientation to users:

  • general – contains many topics, which creates conditions for maximum audience coverage;
  • niche – contains unique summaries of information in a given direction;
  • closed – access to the portal is made by the administration at the invitation or recommendations of those who are part of the community;
  • public (electronic trading platforms) – ideal for interacting with large-scale B2B enterprises;
  • social networks, communities.

The creation of a portal can be ordered from the specialists of Fireart company.

Stages of development and creation of portals

The company’s specialists are well-coordinated and scrupulous in their work. Portals are developed in several stages:

  • analysis of the object of informatization;
  • preparation of technical specifications and its coordination with the client;
  • formation of project documentation;
  • selection and registration of a domain;
  • formation of a unique design and development of concepts, their coordination with the client;
  • design of the organizational structure, information management tools, ways of placing information;
  • layout and programming of the resource;
  • testing connections, setting up and checking correct functioning;
  • filling the portal with content;
  • launch of the portal.

Even after the launch of the resource, team of specialists continues to monitor its activities. They work in order to improve it. Technical support of the existing portal is a guarantee of its successful functioning. Also it’s the interest of the target audience.

Benefits of developing portals

The creation of an Internet portal by our specialists is characterized by the following advantages. This is an opportunity:

  • quickly and efficiently solve a number of marketing problems;
  • efficiently and promptly collect information of interest about competitors, partners, potential customers;
  • to provide the interested audience with as much positive information as possible about the activities of the company.

Portal creation is a complex process that must be worked on by professionals. Each order has its own individual characteristics. In accordance with this, the terms and cost of the services provided by the company vary.


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