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Wired vs. Wireless Gaming Headphones

When the first AirPods were released, Apple fans were as excited as worried. That was a huge new step for the audio product line in Cupertino. But at the same time the price of this product was high, the earbuds easy to fall off, and the battery fast to drain. As Mylazydeal points out, even though the complaints of battery drainage issues were then addressed with the 3.5.1 firmware, a similar concern now still torments those who are planning to get their first pair of wireless earphones or headphones.


Wireless headphones have their charm. They give you all the freedom of movement you could possibly want. You don’t need to untangle wires or to bring your device everywhere with you. When gaming, wireless headphones allow you to play anywhere you want and whenever you want. Stuck in the subway during the rush hours? Get your phone or console out of your bag and pair it with your cool set of headphones to ensure that time will fly as fast as Sonic.


But not everything about wireless headphones is so outstanding. While it is true that wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular – no wonder why – there are also downsides to owning them. You will have to remember to charge your wireless headphones almost daily or after every couple of days. Battery life varies a lot based on the model, but it can definitively be a pain in the back to carry your top-notch wireless headphones around all day without being able to use them. And that’s just because you forgot to bring the charging cable with you.


Wired headphones still haven’t become outdated. And for more than a reason as well. With wired headphones, you don’t need to worry about the battery charge. But you can get frustrated if others unexpectedly pull the wires out during the most crucial part of the game. Wired headphones are still the way to go if you are playing mainly at your desk for long periods of time. Wireless headphones, on the contrary, are more suitable for consoles, connecting PC, TV and other devices where you are either playing on the go or can’t stay too close to them for hours on end.


Another factor to consider is that there can be sound interference between your devices and your wireless headphones. This is because wireless headphones have to rely either on wireless or Bluetooth technologies to transmit sounds to your ears. Bluetooth headphones ensure a more stable connection and are usually more affordable. However, the sound quality is generally affected, and they need to be used within a shorter range. On the other hand, wireless headphones offer better sound quality and can be used within a long distance. But compatibility is more of an issue, and you’ll need a specific wireless dongle or USB port to connect them to your device. As a whole, you can opt for a Bluetooth headphone if sound quality is not among your primary concerns, or either just shift to wireless headphones if your device allows you to do so. Older versions of Bluetooth deliver a lousy audio quality due to compression, while newer versions don’t suffer that much from it.


Sound quality actually depends on a whole list of factors rather than just on the connection type. What makes most headphones great is the quality of their drivers. On this matter, there is nowadays little to no difference between wired and wireless headphones, especially if you are using both of them to play MP3 or in-game audio. Wireless headphones might be subject to a minimum signal compression due to their lack of cables, but as technology gets better, they can now handle most digital audio formats pretty well.


We are living in a world where cables are becoming obsolete. Most products are getting rid of wires and unnecessary parts in favor of a more convenient approach. As a recap of what was described in this article, we can say that gamers should prefer wired headphones for desk games, and wireless headphones for games played on TV, consoles, and mobile devices.


There’s a common misconception that both high-quality wired and wireless headphones have to necessarily cost a ton of money. It is true that wireless headphones tend to be more expensive than wired headphones, which offer better quality at lower prices. Still, you don’t need to sell your organs on the black market and can get a pair of more than decent headphones for a reasonable price. If you’re on a budget, we can recommend the gaming headsets series produced by SOMIC. SOMIC is a leading headphone, headsets, and earphones manufacturer and supplier. They can offer a wide range of audio products, including gaming headsets, gaming headphones, as well as similar options for music and everyday life. Their wireless headphones have been praised for their comfortability and sound quality. Take for example the SOMIC G936N Commander gaming headset, which offers a true 7.1 virtual experience without drivers, a flexible 3 sound effect mode switch, a 50mm sound generating unit, and skin friendly mash earmuffs. That’s the proof that you can get a great pair of headphones with a high-quality surround sound system for less than $100. By buying one of their headphones, you will pay only for the quality of the product itself and not for all costs for marketing the brand name. With your SOMIC headphone on, you can either bring your gaming sessions everywhere with you or enjoy a more powerful heavy-bass sound in your room.


If you already have a pair of headphones, you can check how good they perform by wearing them, playing no sound or music, keeping the volume higher than usual. If you hear a hiss, hum, or buzz, then it means that your headphones are experiencing electrical interference. This background noise can negatively affect the quality of the sound you hear. There’s no point in spending money on games or music if you can’t enjoy all the pleasure generated from them. And that’s a pretty good reason to get a new pair of SOMIC gaming headphones before the end of 2018.

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