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Work From Home: Why You Must Add Short Breaks In Your Routine


The pandemic has been very harsh due to the forced remote work policies and the stress that comes with working in isolation. While in the beginning, it was fun to work from the comfort of the couch, employees have eventually felt a major loss in motivation. 

Organizing the routine is necessary to ensure your productivity doesn’t drop and you are able to achieve set targets. Learning new skills online is also a great way to optimize your time and improve your performance.

This is why businesses have opted for tools like Mindflash Technologies which help in delivering visually appealing and engaging digital learning content to employees. When employees feel like they are growing their knowledge, it makes them feel better about themselves.

But despite the various measures to maintain a successful routine, employees may find it difficult to produce high-quality work. This is why experts recommend taking breaks in between work to help your mind focus. 

Confused? Here’s how adding short breaks in your routine can help remote employees work more efficiently:



  • Prevents fatigue:


Working alone at home away from your colleagues can get lonely and monotonous. This can make work seem boring and make you feel zoned out. Moreover, focusing for very long on one task can cause our brain to feel fatigued.

Taking a break can help you disconnect from the work at hand and indulge in something rejuvenating. This will not only help you focus better when you get back to work but also help you get into the groove of the work easily.



  • Enhances quality of work:


Prolonged duration of work can eventually make us feel tired and inattentive, which reduces the quality of work being produced. It makes us prone to errors as our concentration levels start dipping.

Taking a brief pause to indulge in physical activity can help you attain better clarity of mind. This allows you to accomplish tasks more efficiently, thus ensuring your work is free of mistakes. It also helps you solve problems quicker. 



  • Increases productivity:


If on a good day you are at a high level of productivity, you may feel like skipping breaks to prevent the rhythm from getting disrupted. In reality, taking breaks can make you more productive.

Including even a short 5 minute break in your routine while working from home can increase your ability to think better. It also prevents your body from feeling exhausted and your mind from feeling worked up. 



  • Simplifies decision-making process:


Often when employees have to work alone, they are confused about the right way to do things. It’s easy to get caught up in the midst of a mental discussion and lose track of time. This can prevent you from actually getting any work done. 

Since working remotely requires you to make multiple decisions, after a point you may end up feeling your decision-making abilities are getting compromised due to fatigue. This can be changed by taking regular breaks in between work to simplify the process.



  • Leads to better retention of information:


In the office workspace, if you end up forgetting something you can always ask a colleague for help. But while working from home you need to keep a mental checklist of things that requires a high level of information retention.

By working for hours at a stretch, your brain becomes too clouded with information. And it can only hold so much information at a time. Taking short breaks gives you a chance to rest your brain which increases its ability to retain information.



Make sure your breaks don’t turn from minutes to hours and lead to procrastination of work. Be mindful of the time you spend during breaks in order to get the best results.

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