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3 Ways iGaming Increases Tech Hardware Sales

iGaming has been among the industries expanding over the years and helping other sectors grow along the way too. With the progress of the market and the growing number of online gamblers, the industry has opened new jobs and introduced new technologies. These two are typically the main benefits that come to mind whenever someone thinks about iGaming’s contributions.

One vertical that often goes unfairly unnoticed is the boost in tech hardware sales. From accessing the internet smoothly to starting casino games, there’s a lot involved when it comes to necessary equipment. Moreover, operators and game developers do a fair share of investing in tech hardware themselves.

Are you intrigued already? If so, scroll down to discover how tech hardware and iGaming are helping one another reach new heights.


What Is Casino Hardware?

Before we focus on how iGaming drives sales in tech hardware, let’s briefly discuss what type of hardware we’re talking about. Casino hardware is easy to guess when referring to the land-based industry. Screens, payment systems, surveillance, and playing machines. They are all necessary for smooth operations.

Things are a bit different when the focus shifts to remote gambling. Here, most things are virtual, so different types of products become essential. In this sector, hardware sales come either from software providers or players. The first ones invest in new technologies that improve the user experience. The latter make sure their devices enable them to feel the improvements. Together, they boost tech equipment revenues and paint a whole new picture of iGaming’s importance to the tech market.

Equipment Necessary for Developing iGaming Products

iGaming software and game developers play an essential role in boosting tech hardware sales. The process of developing any remote gambling products demands robust equipment. More specifically, it requires products like laptops and computers. Naturally, everything that comes with it is necessary too.

There are hundreds of iGaming brands developing online slot machines, live dealer products, and even VR casino software. None of this would’ve been possible without investing in top-quality tech hardware first.

The live dealer vertical is one specific iGaming product that goes a step further than computers, smartphones, and routers. For those unfamiliar with the concept, these are live casino games hosted by real croupiers. The action is streamed from dedicated studios, and players get to join the fun in real-time. Setting up such studios requires high-quality equipment, including dedicated playing tables, HD cameras, microphones, and more.

There are several established providers of such products, and they all have at least one fully equipped studio for this purpose. The market leaders like Evolution have several studios across the world. Plus, some casinos want branded solutions, meaning they have streaming rooms just for their needs. The tech hardware investment that goes into making such live dealer studios a reality is considerable, to say the least.

Player Experience Powered by Technology

On the other side of the screens, we have consumers, of course. They drive hardware sales from a different perspective. First, to even consider playing online casino games, users need a stable internet connection. This requires a good router. Then, the playing devices are the next essential hardware. Desktops and all their components, laptops, smartphones, and tablets are the top choices. Those who like to fully immerse themselves into the action often opt-in for VR casinos. Such an iGaming adventure, naturally, demands a VR headset.

It’s fair to say that not many remote gambling fans would go to the lengths to get such devices for this purpose solely. However, the iGaming market has many passionate players who are willing to pay more for an improved experience. These consumers will most likely get a dedicated VR product or a better smartphone if their favorite casino demands it.

Other Types of Hardware Commonly Used in the iGaming Industry

Game providers and players drive the most tech hardware sales, that’s certain. There are, however, other sectors and operations associated with the iGaming industry that boost such sales, too. For example, we must mention casino operators. They often have physical offices that demand at least average-quality desktops.

Moreover, casinos have customer care teams that respond to queries either online or via phone. Providing the necessary equipment for such teams means investing in various technologies that would enable smooth operations.

Finally, many of the casinos’ services and the legal requirements they must meet are intangible solutions. From provably fair algorithms to random number generators and payment systems, most solutions come as software. Still, for someone to develop such programs and products, they need various technologies. So, this is yet another indirect way of boosting tech hardware sales even if casinos, operators, or customers don’t use such hardware items.


Bottom Line

With technology being everywhere around us, every industry likely drives tech hardware sales these days. For those familiar with the iGaming market and its operations, this sector isn’t a surprising ally. Casino hardware is the heart of this ever-growing industry, and it will become even more codependent in the years to come. After all, technology is the ticket to all those online casinos and VR gambling platforms, and that won’t change anytime soon.

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