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Norton Identity Protection Elite Review

When you seeking for the protection of your online activities, no one can offer better service as Norton. This company brings decades of experience in the cyber-security. There is no person in this world who is completely protected from all kinds of online frauds, even if the most careful ones. If you want outstanding protection from fraud, there are a lot of easy-to-use tools offered by Norton Identity Protection Elite.

Fraud prevention

In order to protect your identity, Norton Identity Protection Elite offers a full range of specially designed tools to protect your identity which includes the monitoring of suspicious websites that can steal your valuable data, social media, and privacy, and if it detects any unusual activities. Norton Identity Protection Elite can monitor about 10 000 of websites to protect your credit cards and other bank accounts with sensitive data. If anyone from these websites stole your information, Norton will warn you about it, before anything harmful happens. It’s much better to prevent these activities than clean the aftermaths. They also can inform you about the comments on social media accounts that can jeopardize your privacy.

Protection of your credit health

With a variety of tools for security protection, Norton also offers convenient and efficient monitoring service of your credit health. But one of the flaws is that Norton offers only monthly check and view of your credit, and if you’re looking for more advanced monitoring of your credit, Norton Identity Protection Elite probably isn’t the right option for you.

Price and membership

Norton offers membership fees which are usual for this type of software. But, considering the price of 149.99 dollars per year or 12.50 per month, it’s a little bit higher than the other similar products on the market. Still, Norton Identity Protection Elite offers the unique set of security tools which make the price complete justified.

But, all the shortcomings, Norton will catch up with a great FAQ and customer support service. To all questions addressed to the company about their services, the customer will get the right answer and in the shortest time possible. It’s easy to use as this service is available 24 hours a day. If you become the victim, despite the maximum security of this program, Norton can offer you up to one million dollars restoration insurance policy. If it happens that you somehow lose your wallet you can make the contact with Norton and they will arrange with the institutions to cancel stolen cards that have fallen into the wrong hands.

  • Advanced fraud support
  • Norton’s agents take care of all legal procedures for you
  • Lost or stolen wallet protection
  • Monitoring your privacy on social media

  • Credit health monitoring limited by once a month

 One of the best features is that you can try the risk-free service and if you don’t satisfied, you can cancel Norton Identity Protection Elite in the first 60 days by going to the cancellation process in which you’ll get your money back.

When you decide to purchase Norton Identity Protection Elite you’ll get most extensive security set on the market to protect yourself. This includes monitoring of your credit card application, reporting of sex offenders, monitoring of payday loans and the verification of the changed address. Nothing is more important than the safety of your online property and Norton identity Protection Elite is very close to ensure the maximum protection of it.

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Besides its weaknesses, Norton Identity Protection Elite provides one of the best protection available on the market. Innovative software and useful tools will help you to protect your private data and prevent any kind of fraud.

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