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5 Benefits Of Having A Site To Site VPN For Your Business

You might be wondering what a site-to-site VPN is, how it works, and what is its relevance to your business? Here you will be exposed to what site-to-site VPNs are and how it is essential for your business.

Virtual private networks (VPNs)were initially developed to provide businesses an avenue to connect remote employees or offices to the local-area network within the organization’s head office. Though there are different types of VPNs, the discussion here focuses on the site-to-site VPNs, which will take us to answer the first question.


What Is A Site To Site VPN?

Site-to-site VPNs can be defined as the connection established between multiple networks. For example, it could be a branch office network connected to a central office along with the other branch locations or a corporate network having multiple offices connected.

A site-to-site VPN connects users to different locations within a private network. Through this network, users can exchange data securely from wherever they are because the information is encrypted and secured via the VPN. This implies that users can be connected with the company’s resources without being exposed to cyberattacks, whether remotely or onsite.

Site-to-site VPNs are essential to companies that prioritize the protection of traffic. It helps organizations with multiple branches or offices spread across large geographical locations. These companies usually need to access resources enclosed on a primary network, including servers that store data or facilitate email.

Sometimes the server may be the operational center of an application essential to the enterprise activities or operations. So a site-to-site VPN may grant all sites full access to the application to make it look like it was within their physical facility.


Benefits Of Site To Site To A Business

Since the definition of a site-to-site VPN has been established, it is essential to find out its relevance to a business (most especially start-up companies).


Remote Data Access

When VPNs were first introduced, IT professionals offered VPN software to the data center should anyone need remote access, and this was because data and back-office apps were stored there.

With the invention of cloud computing, the entire pattern was changed, making physical data centers unnecessary. Instead, these data and apps are stored and controlled in the cloud. So instead, opt for the site-to-site VPN services by Nordlayer that will help your IT team access user logins which lets them track whoever is trying to access the VPNs just as an in-house VPN setup works.


Geographic Independence

Many organizations have workers who are denied access to corporate resources because they traveled to countries; fortunately, with VPNs like site to site, employees will enjoy full access notwithstanding where they are located.

Users can also connect securely to portals or websites containing sensitive information through a public network like a coffee shop or café. This is so because a connection to a VPN will ensure that your data is not being compromised or observed by traitors.



There are times when you want your identity to be unknown, so with site-to-site VPN services by Nordlayer; you will be able to achieve it. The model gives you anonymity online, making it impossible for hackers to trace your activities back to your device.

Your privacy preference shields the corporate network, making it difficult for hackers to breach the system.


VPNs Are More Affordable Security Tools

For a company to keep its data and users safe, it needs to create a VPN service account for each of its users. Fortunately, this can be easily afforded through several VPNs that cost less than $10/per user monthly. In addition, VPNs like site-to-site also provide secure authentication and application access. Therefore, it is cost-effective and affordable even for small and medium-sized businesses.


Heightened Network Security With VPN

A VPN provides secure access without the cost of expensive maintenance and routing hardware. It secures the connection between the network and user devices and protects users when accessing other resources.

A VPN circumvents your personal ISP instead of a hosted server receiving your internet connection. It makes relocating to any part of the globe relatively easy while still accessing resources of your choice available in cyberspace. Encryption bolsters your security, especially as a business owner and remote worker that are frequently sending sensitive information. You’ll also find it helpful for gaming, traveling, and streaming your favorite online content.



The benefits of a virtual private network like a site-to-site VPN can never be overemphasized; however, shopping for an effective and reliable VPN may be challenging or appear complicated, but with the site-to-site VPN services by Nordlayer, you have got no need to worry about any more over the security of your company’s resources because they provide the most effective VPN service a business ever needs.


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