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How Are You Addressing The 10 Complexities Of Your Multi-Cloud Environment?

Do you want to update your multi-cloud environment? Are you looking for ways to address the complexities? Then, this post is just for you as it looks at how multi-cloud implementations can be amplified. In the world of today, it is very common for businesses to use applications across multiple platforms like hyper scale clouds, software-as-a-service, co-location facilities, remote offices, enterprise clouds, and on-premises. Thus, it is crucial to address the 10 complexities which come with a multi-cloud environment as managing cloud servers is not an easy task. The following should be considered.

  1. Workload Placement

An understanding of workload placement will come in handy. Determine which hardware or cloud platform should be used for each specific application. Find out the criteria to choose the right cloud.

  1. Skill-Set Management

Do you have the right IT staff to help manage the multi-cloud environment?  Determine if there is a need to hire the right people or simply outsource the job.

  1. Network Complexity

Does the existing network team have the capability to manage the complex network as it is different from WAN and LAN issues? Can the team perform tasks such as supporting, implementation, and architecting of the combination of direct connections, Internet, and WAN for the multiple clouds? Has the combination been optimized for performance and cost?

  1. Perimeter Defense

Is it possible to have a defense perimeter drawn around the applications if they already exist on the multiple clouds? How will I be able to check if anyone is knocking across the platforms?

  1. Management & Visibility

How can you simultaneously monitor multiple cloud since it is already difficult to get visibility to a single cloud environment?

  1. Reliability & Performance

Have the cloud vendors, implementation team, and SAAS providers selected the right cloud platform according to the performance needs? Have the right tools been used for each platform in order to set the right recoverability level for the business in case there is a system failure?

  1. Data Protection

Are the safety copies of the data based in SAAD platforms, enterprise clouds, co-location, and on-premises being appropriately managed ? If data is not being protected by you, then, is the provider doing anything about it?

  1. Access To Scale

What is the strategy if the business experiences significant growth? Is there are a need for a highly scalable platform for all the applications and do you need to be able to shrink and grow?

  1. Compliance & Security

Is there any possibility of getting fined for selecting the wrong platform combination for your IT environment? Can there be a data breach and how can you know?

  1. Cost Management

Finally, you need to know if you are in fact using the best cloud platform in terms of cost. Find out how guard rails can be set up around the development and infrastructure teams in order to avoid exceeding the  annual telecom and cloud budgets.


The abovementioned 10 complexities have to be dealt with when using a multi-cloud environment. This is why it is a good idea to contact an expert such as dade2 to ensure that you are prepared.

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