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How Backlink Doctor Recovers Websites from Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty in Google Search Console

Link penalties can be website-weakening at best and online-business-destroying at worst, and that makes them a problem that needs to be dealt with as soon as they emerge. However, that does not necessarily make them something you can resolve on your own.

Working with experts like those from Backlink Doctor can be an important part of recovering your lost rankings and business, especially for a smaller business without many resources to spare. But why is link removal so important, and why are these link penalties so bad?


What are Link Penalties?

As the name suggests, link penalties are something applied to a website based on its link profile. If search engines like Google notice that a site has an unusually high amount of links that are completely irrelevant to its actual purpose or ones that were obviously purchased to pad out the backlink profile, then they will often apply penalties to the recipient sites.

These penalties can range from the site being demoted a little in the search engine rankings to the site being completely blocked from ever showing up in search results again, which is known as deindexing. As you might expect, this can be a devastating blow to any site that relies on its search visibility, and it can leave the business without a single source of traffic.

These penalties are triggered based on links – which means that removing them can be important. However, it is not always easy to go and simply remove a link from another website, especially if they are not links that you paid for or arranged. If too many spam sites just happen to link to your website, you will not have control over the end results.

This means that working with professionals is your best hope of resolving the problem.


What Can Link Removal Experts Do?

It is possible to recover from these unnatural inbound link penalties, but you need to remove the offending links before you can make any real attempt to resolve things. Fortunately, this is where the right kind of link removal specialist can help.

Working with people like the professionals at Backlink Doctor can help you get the process rolling by offering their expertise in identifying the offending links. Most are also well-connected and can bring extra tools to bear, allowing them to deal with unwanted links effectively if you are planning to try and get the penalty lifted.

The two most important parts of recovering from these penalties are to remove all of the links that earned the penalty and then find a way for your SEO to recover in the short term once you are ranking again. This is something that a good link removal specialist will know how to do, helping you to resolve the issue for the long-term.

If you have found yourself on the receiving end of one of these penalties, getting things resolved is the only way to prevent future issues. If you are looking for help, a Link removal service can provide what you need.

Backlink Doctor is a leading link removal company, which works closely with Google and uses their own in-house software to help recover your website from a manual link penalty.

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