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Five Ways to diversify your digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing is an integral part of marketing strategy, and in the era of the pandemic, it is a must. So, what are the best way to diversify your digital marketing and increase the leads? Here are the top five ways followed by the top digital agency in 2021.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing is not a new thing in digital marketing. Many Thailand online marketing companies use these tactics to increase the effectiveness of the campaign. However, the new thing is using proximity beacons. These beacons transmit signals over a limited radius. Using this method, devices like mobile phones, GPS can get messages based on their geo-location. It helps in targeting the audience nearby.

VSO (Voice Search Optimization)

The successful social media agency takes care of the VSO aspect very well as part. Now people are using voice commands to control many devices, and hence it is becoming essential for businesses to optimize voice search. Like SEO, VSO also needs to give equal importance. The optimization can be done with a mobile & voice-first approach. Near me, local, close to me, close by, these keywords need to be optimized in your content. The broader tactics such as including Q&A targeting of activities to reach longest tails and solutions led queries. All these things are taken care of by the top digital marketing agency service providers.

Webinars and blogs

The best way to drive digital marketing is through rich content marketing. The digital marketing agency service providers take care of this thing carefully. The webinars will help in driving the traffic even after the live webinar is over. Similarly, creating blogs and providing continuous content is an effective way to diversify your marketing strategy. Content marketing provides more leads, and it has the chance of converting the leads into sales. That is why many businesses are looking to engage the audience through free webinars, posting on blogs regularly.

Use data

Data is the new age fuel of many businesses. The interaction of people through digital platforms has increased significantly and is creating huge data sets. These data contain useful insights that help to understand the pulse of customers, market trends, and other important things. The data-driven decisions and strategies have more success than other modes. To get a holistic view of what is happening in the market and users’ minds can be asserted using the data. This is now understood by many agencies doing Marketing in Thailand, and consequently, data is using by many companies like never before.

Use chatbots

The best digital agency helps you to use chatbots and conversational commerce to strengthen your marketing campaign. Chatbots help to handle the basic queries of the customer and also can integrate business with other external platforms such as Facebook. It will allow you to reach a larger audience. This method is cheaper than hiring employees, and also, they are faster. It will answer or lead to the correct path and increases customer satisfaction. Chatbots are increasing in today’s world, and it is highly beneficial for all scale businesses.

If you want to achieve success in your campaign, you can reach IBEX Media Group. It is one of the top influencer marketing agency Thailand and helps meet your goals with effective strategies.


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