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Free voice over online

Voice overs can help videos engage up to 3x more with audiences. It used to be that to build such a voice over video, you need a voice over artist, recording equipment and it ended up costing hundreds of dollars. Good news is, now you can add voice to video for free.

With the new artificial intelligence technology, you no longer need to pay for recording expensive voice overs and the voice quality is so good that it sounds just as professional as your recorded voice over. There was a recent study conducted on the reaction of people to such voices, which concluded that 8 out of 10 people could not tell between a real and a synthetic voice.


Free voice over software

Murf Voice Studio is a free software that lets you create up to 15 mins of voice over for free and also helps you perfectly time the voice overs with your custom videos or presentations.

There are 15 free voices, and you can create voice overs in 10 languages using 70+ voices with the basic plan.

One of the cool things about Murf is that you can edit your voice overs as many times as you like and keep trying it out with your video in seconds. You don’t need any recording equipment or voice over artist to do this. It can be done in minutes using just your laptop or computer.


Why it works?

  • Free for new users
  • 100% noise-free professional voice overs in minutes
  • Edit your script as many times as you like without any additional cost of recording
  • Try your exact script with various voices before you select the voice you want.
  • Always know what you would get before you pay.

Advanced text to speech features

Gone are the days of robotic sounding text to speech. There has been a lot of improvement in the text to speech technology in the recent years and there are now 100% human sounding voices available. You also have a bunch of options to customize the voices using this voice over video free software:

  1. Specify Emphasis – Some advanced text to speech tools like Murf Studio support an emphasis customization feature, which lets you increase emphasis on some specific words or parts of the script.
  2. Select Tonality – You can select the tonality for the script, e.g. friendly, conversational, customer support, book reading etc. basis the context of your script.
  3. Mix background music with voice over seamlessly – Murf Studio also provide you options to add background music to certain parts or the entire video along with the voice overs.
  4. Add pauses – Add small or large pauses as you like from within the software itself.
  5. Change speed and pitch of voice – Maybe you want a certain sentence in your script to be spoken slower than the others. Totally possible! You can even try playing with pitch of voices to see what works for you best.


I hope you found this article useful and would give this new generation of free voice over studio a try soon.

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