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Gambling in Thailand – Is It Still Illegal?


Only forms of gambling allowed are horse race betting and lotteries organized by the government officials. Rest everything is numbered as illegal. And the strict orders of gambling get stricter with each passing day. But the gambling industry, too, seems to flourish at the same rate.

Yes, you have heard it right. The industry is not freezing but grows bigger and richer despite the rigid legislation’s given. 2021 is giving no hints being emerged from no side about gambling’s legalization.

Rather, the gambling legalization will probably worsen as a powerful body, Supreeda Adulyanont, suggests harder policies for the sport. But no matter how rigid the legislation happens to become, the study tells that none of it will bring a positive output of abolishment. The enhancement is bound to grow.

Thais are involved specifically in the online version of ‘gambling.’ When the region does not support it, VPNs become the base.

So, what the government should do is tighten VPN access over prohibited sites. With this, one side of gambling is automatically resolved.

It is also estimated that legal gambling will captivate a better economic sphere, with the industry generating over 2.8 Million USD alone from taxes.

Nevertheless, gambling is a heart to more than half of Thailand’s netizens irrespective of its getting strict and more stringent. And unfortunately, there’s nothing the government can do about it rather than catching and punishing.


Why it is illegal to gamble in Thailand

Gambling in Thailand has always been an integral part, regardless of whether it is in secrecy or openly. The evidence dates back when the formation of ancient gambling games happened as that of Siamese partook, cockfight bets, boat races, and more.

But throughout the brief history, there are many ups and downs, most of which related to its limited prohibition. During the last few years, many online casinos such as Joker123 arose.

While the 19th century was about to get over, gambling had become the mainstream. It was at this time when Thais had an endeavor of gambling regularly. With that, new games were invented. More and more had gambling grabbed the demand when foreigners and immigrants added their knowledge and participation. Gradually, governing officials had introduced gambling as legal. And with King Rana III, gambling was in such a hype that the industry was a strong revenue counterpart.

Soon after, the gambling spots had to be shut due to many unpleasant criminal activities going around. Also, they had hit bankruptcy. When the ruling was handed to King Rama V, the south was exempted from gambling liberty. And destinations had never been opened until April 1917.

A new gambling act got passed in 1930 while getting amended five years later in 1935. In the meantime, there had been lots of gambling influence going on. But gamblers had their luck unattached. The timeline of how long the legalization of gambling is very short.

The government, who was earning extra revenue from the industry, received outrageous criticisms from the public and media. That eventually forced the government to cease it, and hence, prohibition was followed.


What laws regulate gambling in the kingdom

Any kind of gambling in Thailand is regulated with the country’s Gambling Act of B.E 2478. The act describes the act being banned and that no form of it should be carried out.

The two forms of gambling are legal. That is lotteries organized by the government and horse race betting.


So What’s The Solution?

Online casinos are the solution.

Because gambling in the reel world shows up as more convenient, it has gained innumerable members across a decade.  At the end of 2021, the value of the online gambling industry will grow by 70 billion USD.

However, gambling online is not a legal corner yet. But there are no particular mentions about online casinos being an offense to the law.

Since the officials say that every form of gambling is illegal, the internet version is counted.

Foreign websites cannot be wholly banned because of their roots. And indeed, many Thai’s have come up to gamble online in bacc8888. But remember that not all sites are properly maintained.

One of the topmost gambling sites around Asia is Gclub, which originated from Cambodia. Games are very much alike to mortars, and even the rules of them are not altered. For an experience of real-world casinos, they even have live broadcasts.

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